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Protect your private marina with invisible intrusion detection from Safe Security Solutions
Safe Security Solutions

Private Marina Security

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Protect Your Vessels, Assets, Fuel & Prevent Intrusions

We provide security to private marinas which usually dock a few dozen to several hundred private and expensive vessels.

Our security systems ensure that any perimeter fencing is secured with fence-mounted systems that do not fail and will not succumb to weather conditions or tampering. Where open areas are concerned, we can provide buried, underground seismic detection by Sensoguard. A form of security that cannot be seen or interfered with. It will not ruin the aesthetic of the environment.

Many marinas are open to the public. You’ll often see them in cities or towns and they will generally have long boats or narrowboats docked. These are usually self-secured with inhabitants on the boats and enough coverage to provide a basic level of security.

These are not our target market.

We’re here for private marinas or large maritime marinas with vessels ranging from just a handful to several hundred or a few thousand fleet vessels where public access is limited and private ownership is respected.

The security systems we supply will be invisible to potential intruders but alert the necessary guards or authorities to any interloper and ensure property and vessels are kept safe and secure. 

Safe Security Solutions provides high-level security which is undetectable and 100% reliable across the UK for private marinas.

Security Threats To Marinas

    • Vessel Thefts
    • Trespassing
    • Fuel Thefts
    • Vandalism
    • Water Pollution
    • Building Intrusion
    • Tampering With Equipment
    • Threats To Member Safety
    • General Security
    • Chemical Storage Protection
    • Boat & Ship Damage
    • Limiting & Restricting Access

Whilst the above list is not exhausting, it certainly covers many of the security threats faced by private marinas.

Local authorities may have measures in place to limit security measures (often for public safety reasons) and traditional security such as floodlights can ruin the aesthetics.

Our security systems provide 100% reliable solutions that cannot be tampered with or affected by adverse weather or conditions, making them one of the few reliable solutions that tick all the boxes. 

Basic Security For Marinas

Basic security may already exist or can be put in place by most local security companies. These may include:

  • Basic CCTV
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Clear signage & warnings
  • Sirens & alarm systems
  • PIR or laser-activated lighting
  • Motion-detecting beacons
  • Mobile Wardens/Security Guards

These measures will provide a visible deterrent and often reduce basic intrusion and low-level crime. 

But what about targeted intrusion and organised theft? You will need a more complete security solution that does not fail…

Safe Security Solutions Recommends

Every private harbour or marina faces unique problems when it comes to security. 

Often the surrounding area will be quite expansive and restrictions may be in place to limit the use of perimeter protection measures. It can be very costly and visually intrusive to secure the wider area and traditional methods of security will vary in their effectiveness.

When deterrents are ignored or it appears that repeated, targeted criminal activity is taking place, Safe Security Solutions provide measures that integrate seamlessly with your existing security and provide an extra layer of safety.

We start by identifying the problem areas and close the gaps in your security with perimeter detection technology that was originally developed for military applications.

We can provide detection security in the shape of effective smart fence and perimeter systems which will only activate under certain circumstances, reducing the false-positives often triggered by beam and PIR sensors.

For existing fences (or future fence installation) we have smart fence detection from El-Far. Each unit can monitor a break in the fencing with up to a 1500m range; Pinpointing the intrusion and alerting ultra-long-range cameras automatically to focus on that area and alert the relevant authorities. 

If restrictions are in place for fencing on your existing boundaries then the incredible buried seismic detectors from SensoGuard can be used. These are invisible to would-be threats and cannot be tampered with or impaired by adverse conditions of any sort.

We also provide control room software to tie all your existing security systems together in one place and only trigger when a genuine intrusion is occurring. 

Our security technologies not only provide complete and reliable protection but allow you to have a limited number of ultra-long-range cameras do the same job as multiple camera systems without looking out of place or visually displeasing.

Real-Life Application

We have worked with a client who had a large, private marina with a selection of vessels including private yachts. 

Safe Security Solutions went to the site and established which areas were covered by existing security but we already knew that intrusions, vandalisms and thefts had occurred so the measures already in place (CCTV and motion sensors hooked up to alarms and lighting) were not effective in detecting or stopping threats.

The marina in question was enclosed by private fencing in some areas and open ground in others. The actual waterway to the marina was quite open, and several hundred metres across.

Existing perimeter fencing was fitted with El-Far fence mounted sensors across several thousand metres of fencing. All data was fed back to a central control room and triggers would alert a live camera feed only when an intrusion was detected. 

For the waterway, we had raised platforms installed and fitted with ultra-long-range cameras and radar panels. These can effectively cover up for 1.3 km. 

The beauty of this system is where other systems have failed (not only in detection but also in terms of waterproofing) our system was completely waterproof, weatherproof and the cabling can withstand wet or (at times) waterlogged ground, unlike many security systems on the market today.

Waterproof, Weatherproof, Reliable Security

All of our security technologies are developed originally for military applications and this dictates that failure and false alarms are not an option.

It’s vital that sensitivity can be altered to suit the environment and this applies especially to security for harbours and marinas. These devices simply do not fail where other solutions can succumb to the environment.

All Sensoguard products are indeed fully waterproof, from the standalone sensors to the cabling and control boxes. All will be discreet and undetectable visually. When an alarm is triggered, the perpetrator will have no idea they are already being monitored. 

We can advise on the best course of action if you can provide a ground plan of the area which requires coverage. We can cut down the need for multiple cameras and visually-obtrusive security measures so the patrons of the marina will not be put off by unsightly security but feel welcome and safe in the environment. 

Protect Your Marina Effectively.
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Here at Safe Security Solutions, we understand that your existing security may not be enough. We have years of experience and access to military-grade security measures that simply do not fail.

You may not think it is possible to cover your marina security effectively but we can assure you it is. 

Get in touch and see how we can help you eliminate false alarms, protect your assets and create a safe, secure marina.

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