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Manufacturing Security

Safe Security Solutions provides complete security for your factory, business and assets.
Safe Security Solutions

Manufacturing Security

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Protect Your Manufacturing Plant, Production Facility & Work Force

Any commercial manufacturing company or production plant will have assets, expensive machinery, sensitive systems and a workforce which requires constant protection.

It is vital in manufacturing, more than any industry, that production lines be kept busy and output is stable. Any interruption can be costly in time and potentially lose the company money and contracts. 

We provide complete security solutions for a wide range of industries from chemical production, food processing, machinery, car manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Each faces unique problems and require custom security.

In order to remain productive, it is vital that issues like theft, machinery damage, vandalism, organised crime and industrial espionage are dealt with as they happen by removing these threats entirely. 

Safe Security Solutions works with businesses across the UK, to provide them with effective and reliable security that will not let them down and allow their businesses to keep working and maintain vital output. 

Security Threats To The Manufacturing Industry

    • Preventing Restricted Access
    • Machine Thefts
    • Securing Your Perimeter
    • Attempted Arson
    • Equipment Damage
    • Health & Safety Problems
    • Building Intrusion
    • Tampering With Goods
    • Industrial Sabotage
    • Organised Crime
    • Chemical Storage
    • Stoppages To Production
    • Trespassing
    • Contamination

Threats to manufacturing facilities are extensive and varied. Some security will likely already be in place but will not provide complete protection. We’ll work with your company to identify the problem areas and eliminate the threats. 

Basic Security For Production & Manufacturing

Depending on what is being produced, there may be a range of existing security in a factory or facility that offers some level of protection.

Basic Security That May Already be In Place:

  • Mounted CCTV
  • Noisy Detection Alarms & Sirens
  • PIR/Laser Activated Lighting
  • Beacons and Flashing Lights
  • Security Staff
  • A Security Monitoring Station

This will often discourage opportunistic criminals and low-level threats with visual and audio deterrents. CCTV will help gather evidence.

But none of the above would eliminate threats entirely. You need a complete, custom security solution…

Safe Security Solutions Recommends

In most cases, entrances and exits to production facilities will be reasonably secure with existing measures in place like fences, gates, CCTV and in some cases, security staff.

This will cover direct threats and provide a visible deterrent but will not provide the premises all-round security and may be fairly easy to tamper with and bypass. 

Other issues like weather conditions, false alarms from PIR/laser sensors, and unreliable security staff create large holes in your overall security and allow threats to take place. CCTV may record criminal activity but will not stop threats from happening.

Safe Security Solutions can make a full risk assessment of those problem areas, assess your existing security and provide a fully custom, completely reliable solution that will not fail and will enable you to catch perpetrators in the act, putting a stop to threats entirely.

We can work with multiple sites to provide everything from fence mounted detection systems and ultra-long-range CCTV to buried intrusion detection which can differentiate between genuine intrusion attempts and natural occurrences like wildlife or inclement weather.

Our systems are developed to military standards and used around the globe to protect everything from landowners and VIPs to military facilities and high value or dangerous asset storage. 

These systems will not fail.

They will not power down.

They will not stop until the threat is removed.

Real-Life Application

Security threats to manufacturing come in many forms and require an expert eye to identify the areas which need extra security.

Safe Security Solutions will review your existing security infrastructure and advise how to seamlessly build upon that. 

Your facility may already have an on-site security team, secure entrance and exit gatehouses, basic movement detection sensors, CCTV, alarms systems and a central security control room.

We create solutions to allow the security team to monitor the complete site (or sites) from one location and act quickly and accordingly, to a perimeter activation. This will generally comprise of a combination of fence-mounted sensors and underground seismic detectors which use earthquake detection technology to identify genuine threats and alert the staff in the control room.

We eliminate almost all false alarms, allowing action when it is needed instead of when it is unnecessary. 

You simply need to get in touch with us and we’ll advise, supply and help install the complete security protection that your business requires. 

Protect Your Manufacturing Facility
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It is vital that your business remains productive and does not allow interruptions to cause a stoppage.

Your assets, buildings and workforce need to remain protected and we can provide a complete Safe Security Solution to suit your needs…

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