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A perimeter fence with a motion sensor detector kit mounted to it.

Manufacturing client for commercial Viper-Sens perimeter detection system

A well-known old manufacturing company approached us towards the end of last year with a number of security intruder issues which was causing problems on-site and asked if our Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) could help.

The company had also resorted to changing a previous security supplier as it was believed that there was a level of complacency on the ground. Within several weeks of the newly appointed security supplier being in place, the same problems were re-occurring.

We had several conference calls about how our detection systems could quickly detect and locate these potential intruders before they could climb a perimeter fence or the perimeter border.

The client mentioned that we would not get permission from the neighbouring land owner to install a buried system, so we opted that a fence mounted would be the only option.

Our team advised that integrating the perimeter detection alarm system with locally installed CCTV cameras, would give the on-site security control room the added advantage of being able to identify if a fence activation is a genuine problem. This accurate security information from the CCTV controller helps the security officers on the ground to act accordingly to what is happening in real time.

We received authorisation for our security system designers to spend time at the plant and identify what could be our best recommendations.

It was decided to input one of our own security officers on site to help identify any problematic areas.

We quickly identified that the client had a large and difficult perimeter to monitor and protect. The site is just over 5 acres, with numerous large production buildings in complex locations.

The problems were stemming from the tree and shrub lined perimeter which had overgrown after many years of neglect.  This excessive growth was allowing intruders to easily climb over the chain link fencing undetected and easily hide amongst the trees. Thieves could easily gain access to the buildings and verbally abuse the staff when the coast was clear.

Monitoring the movements of factory staff was less of an issue and is being well controlled by the on-site security team, so this showed that the team were following their SOP’s.

It was apparent that even with 4 permanent security officers on site, and due to the nature of the of the perimeter set up, it was impossible for them to monitor the 900m fence line. They had inherited an ongoing site problem which needed to change.

It was agreed that the only way to help monitor and stop any non-authorised persons from entering the site, was that: 1. the perimeter needed to be improved, 2. all of the tree and shrub cover needed to be thinned out, 3. the control room needed to monitor the whole site easily, 4. onsite security personnel needed accurate live information

Safe Security Solutions survey team carried out a full perimeter inspection and were left with the task of designing a control room operated detection system using the existing perimeter chain-link fencing.

The site would benefit from using our Viper-Sens system which would be connected to the control room Command and Control software

The client agreed to have the trees and wooded area reduced with the permission of the local authority as a number of trees have Tree Preservation Orders in place.

Part of the site design was to install 4 metre poles and mount high definition CCTV cameras every 50m along the perimeter with switched security lights. Any activation would automatically trigger and light the activated area.

The control room would have a separate operating computer for the fence detection software which show on 3 monitor screens. These screens would show 1. the site overhead and the activation point, 2. full documented activating report log, 3. The local live feed CCTV camera allocated to the activated fence section

The client had a number of questions regarding the installation and operation of the technology, which our team quickly covered these topics.

We then received the go ahead to manufacture the custom made system and start the installation project as soon as possible.

After a period of 4 weeks, the site was fully operational. The security team received system training over a week and some of the guys had great fun trying to break into the site, while being quite unsuccessful.

Since the completion of the project, the client has been updating us and commented that there is a remarked reduction on attempted intrusions.

 PRE INSTALL over 3 mths POST INSTALL over 3 mths
Potential H&S risks17 0
Unidentified persons on site34 0
Unknown number of attempted intrusions 50+ 33
Risky confrontations24 0
Fence climbs34+ 3
Quick stats at Feb 2020

The client has recently confirmed that they extremely pleased with the outcome and effectiveness of the system.

They are particularly happy that:

1. the risk to their staff on site has been greatly reduced,

2. potential H&S implications have been reduced,

3. site productivity has actually increased,

4. the security team on site now have a great relationship with the client management team

5. daily reports are showing an accurate picture of the day’s events

Overall, our team at Safe Security Solutions are very happy because we have:

1. one very happy client, 

2. a very happy security team,

3. very ‘unhappy‘ potential intruders

A great result for all, I think!!

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Safe Security Solutions is the approved UK office for both El Far Perimeter Security systems and Sensoguard

Both are leading security detection suppliers from Israel.

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