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Civilian Radar Detection

Magos Radar Security Systems
Two Magos radar boxes pictured before installation
Magos radar logo variation

What Is A RADAR System?

Radar stands for “Radio-Based Detection And Ranging”. This system was first demonstrated back in 1935 in Great Britain and went on to become synonymous with military applications, to this very day. 

It’s only in recent years that radar has been successfully adapted for civilian use; Providing incredibly effective and reliable detection for advanced security systems. 

Magos Radars

Using cutting-edge technology combined with ultra-low power consumption and a small form factor, Magos has created an incredibly efficient and effective radar system for security detection purposes.

Most people would not recognise the unassuming white box as a security device and fewer would believe that it was a self-contained radar system with a range of up to 1000 metres for vehicles, boats or human movement.

This system is nearly impervious to the most extreme environments and weather conditions but boasts outstanding performance in detection and pre-detection. 

It can be fully integrated with most existing security systems to trigger actions when a threat is detected. This may include live camera feeds, alarms, sirens and lighting.

Let’s look at this mighty system and its applications to see if it’s a system that could benefit your security. 

Small Magos radar image
Magos radar bandwidth

Key Statistics For The Magos Radar System:

    • The effective range is 1000 metres (0.62 miles).
    • This range includes the detection of motor vehicles, boats and people.
    • Area coverage range from 23,500m² (6 acres) to 810,000m² (200 acres).
    • Works on land, sea and open-air environments.
    • Ultra-low power consumption. (PoE 802.31f Type 1)
    • Ethernet communication interface (with a low comms bandwidth of under 100kbps).
    • C-Band Frequency.
    • Total protection from weather & environment.
    • NEMA-6, IP67 environmental rating.
    • 100% protection from dust. 
    •  Protected against the effects of temporary immersion between 15cm and 1m. (30-minute test duration.)
    • Operating Temperature of -40° to +85°
    • High-resolution MIMO digital beam-forming radar.
    • POE (Power-Over-Ethernet) interface.
    • Range resolution of less than 1 metre.
    • Angle resolution lower than 0.7°.
    • Wide coverage of up to 120° x 30°.
    • Near-perfect detection regardless of environment, clutter or weather conditions.
A civilian radar system on land
Civilian radar in a sea environment

Applications for Civilian Radar:

The Magos radar system is already widely used across the globe but lesser-known in the United Kingdom. 

Its effectiveness and reliability make it ideal for the following applications:

  • Agricultural locations and farms.
  • Airports & airfields.
  • Aquatic sites.
  • Correctional facilities & prisons.
  • Data centres.
  • Parking lots.
  • Power plants.
  • Renewable energy sites.
  • Seaports, docks & marinas.
  • Substations.
  • Water treatments plants.

The Magos radar system can provide incredible levels of detection in almost any external environment or wide, open space. 

Negating cluttered objects and weather conditions, this detection system is able to determine movement and identify threats before they happen, allowing immediate action to be taken. 

It can be fully integrated with an existing system or form the backbone of any detection system designed from the ground up.

Learning More About Magos Radar Systems

Detecting threats and taking action is the difference between effective security and a passive system that offers little by way of protection.

The Magos Radar system is recognised around the world as one of the most effective and reliable methods of security detection, with very good reason.

From harsh environments in wide, open spaces to cluttered locations with changeable weather, Magos has developed a system that is impervious to almost any condition which would render standard security inoperable. 

The Magos radar system will work flawlessly in darkness or fog for example. Where objects stand in the way, the Magos sensors will detect movement and take appropriate action to deter any and all threats. 

There are few places on the planet that would pose a problem for Magos Radar or interfere with its core ability to pick up movement. 

From Seaports to Prisons, this system is already implemented in all imaginable applications to provide pre-detection and full system integration with security measures. 

Civilian radar was once considered the work of science fiction but Magos have created sensors that provide very viable, real-world coverage. This could be the next step to increasing your home, business or site security. 

Find out today by contacting the Safe Security Solutions team. 

Magos Radar may be the ideal security for you.

If you require advanced security, with 100% effective detection, then the Magos Radar range may be the ideal system for you. 

Feel free to get in touch with the Safe Security Solutions team so we can discuss your security needs and look at protecting your perimeter. 

We stop threats before they take action.

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