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Luxury Home
Boundary Security

Even the most advanced smart homes lack effective security that can stop intrusions and threats the moment they are detected.

Our security is different.
Safe Security Solutions

Advanced Security For Luxury Homes

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A large fence with spikes separating a garden

Protection Starts At The Boundary

Most security systems, especially in homes, concentrate on taking action once a threat is attempting to enter (or has already entered) the property. 

This is already too late. 

Organised criminals are tenacious and will often be well researched and equipped to deal with conventional alarm systems, CCTV, PIR sensors, motion-activated lighting and window/door security. 

Protection should begin when a boundary is crossed. Immediate action should be taken and the threat should be removed before it is allowed to escalate.

If this sounds too good to be true then keep reading because Safe Security Solutions specialises in high-end security systems that work in all weathers, eliminate false alarms and detect threats before they become a danger

An Architect designing a smart home, photographed from behind

Working With Architects & Developers

The Safe Security Solutions team have years of experience that enables us to identify potential security flaws that few other security providers would see. 

We work with architects and developers to ensure that the correct security system is installed to protect the residents of the home, its contents and the property of the owner. 

Most modern homes are designed and basic security systems are installed. These systems generally need to be upgraded once a threat has emerged or an intrusion has taken place. 

We recommend that you do not wait that long. Let us work with you to get the right system in place that will immediately detect a threat, take action and provide the maximum level of protection. 

Our Specialised Security Systems Are Ideal For Smart Homes

We provide security solutions that were developed for military use and have been modified for civilian environments.

If you weren’t aware of them, then you can be sure that criminals will not know they exist and cannot prepare for them.

Safesitecam Smart AI Security Camera mounted on a wall in front of a landscape and clouds

AI CCTV Systems

A slhouette of a man triggering an underground Sensoguard sensor as he walks across a grass field.

Buried Detection Sytems

A perimeter fence with a motion sensor detector kit mounted to it.

Fence-Mounted Detection Systems

SG Patrol App View screenshots on 4 mobile phones

Seamless Integration With Existing Security Measures

It is vital that all security systems you have in place work in unison; providing complete protection, eliminating false alarms and allowing you the freedom to live your life with the peace of mind that you are safe.

We provide cutting-edge security integration software which combines an intuitive interface with live feeds to computers and mobile devices. Allowing the homeowner complete access to their security system from anywhere. 

A large manor house on a summers day

Building Upon Existing Security

Most modern homes are designed with an aesthetic in mind and standard security is usually installed. Safety should not be an afterthought. 

Every system provided by Safe Security Solutions can work seamlessly with your existing measures. Full Integration software can provide the bridge between any system you have in place already and any advanced security recommended by our team. 

Whether it be buried seismic detectors, fence-mounted sensor systems, radar or AI CCTV systems, in each case the looks are unobtrusive but the exceptional reliability and elimination of false alarms provide a level of protection you can trust. 

We regularly work with other security companies to ensure that your system goes above and beyond.

Real-Life Application

Every home is different, every threat is variable and every security solution needs to be fully customised. 

Our team will visit your location, look at existing security measures, inspect the boundary, observe the access points and come up with a security solution that provides complete protection. 

If you’re ready to eliminate false alarms and feel fully secure, then get in touch today. 

Complete protection for your luxury home.
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Total protection is possible and should never be an afterthought. 

Get in touch with the Safe Security Solutions team today and let us guide you through the process. 

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