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Safe Security Solutions can provide safety for your buildings, staff and community.
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Local Authority Security

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Protect Your Community, Residents, Staff & Property

Local Authorities have a duty of care to provide security and protection of their communities, employees, public buildings and recreational spaces. 

Any public-access areas such as parks or council buildings face unique security threats ranging from anti-social behaviour and restricted area intrusion to more targeted, often criminal, activity. 

Traditional forms of security have a high failure rate or simply gather evidence. For example, motion-activated lighting, alarms or CCTV which can all be tampered with or bypassed will provide a visual deterrent but may not stop all instances of crime or trespassing from taking place. 

The chances are, the local authority has spent vast amounts of money on security measures which are already in place but they are not working; False alarms, gaps in perimeters leading to ‘blind spots’ and unreliable tech does not create a sense of well-being and safety for employees, the community at large or restrict access to properties or sensitive materials and data.

If you could find security systems that do not fail, are still reliable in any weather and will alert the necessary guards or authorities only when a genuine threat is detected you may it is too good to be true. 

… But with Safe Security Solutions, that is possible. We use military-grade technologies that work without false alarms and can help reduce the threat level to near zero

Security Threats To Local Authorities

    • Trespassing
    • Employee Safety
    • Thefts
    • Property Damage
    • Car Fleet/Staff Vehicle Damage & Theft
    • Equipment Damage
    • Anti Social Behaviour
    • Building Intrusion
    • Public Space Abuses
    • Community Safety
    • Potential Access To Private Data
    • Threats to Public Safety
    • Flytipping

Local Authority Security can generally be broken down into two parts: Protection of the public (and their spaces) and protection of employees, their property and the local authorities property. 

We understand this and provide 100% reliable security which integrates seamlessly with your existing measures to provide complete, fully-monitored, automatic systems that reduce crime and nuisance issues to nearly zero.

Basic Security For Local Authorities

Most local authorities will already have existing security, especially on town halls, council offices and municipal buildings including:

  • 24 hour CCTV
  • Central control rooms for security staff
  • Intruder alarms and sirens
  • PIR/laser-activated lighting
  • Warning signs

Existing measures have mixed levels of effectiveness. They can help deter threats and reduce low-level crime but have a high fail rate with false alarms etc. They are generally able to grab data and evidence of threats but only when a crime has already taken place. Better options are available.

Safe Security Solutions Recommends

Security threats to local authorities are rich and varied. Most council buildings, for example, will already have 24 hour CCTV, an alarm system and security staff in place to monitor live feeds.

Perimeters can cause an issue because of restrictions on the type of fencing allowed (such as barbed wire) with no means of assessing whether a wire fence has been cut or a palisade fence (for example) has been scaled. More open areas will need to rely on CCTV to capture footage and can be easily missed until after an intrusion has occurred.

Our systems can not only integrate with your existing security thanks to our robust ISS software but will fill the gaps in your security with perimeter fence detection systems and underground seismic sensors

Our technologies were originally developed for military use and will alert your security as soon as a threat is detected. If a fence is cut or scaled, our sensors will pick that up and the smart technology will pinpoint where that intrusion has occurred and direct cameras to focus on that. 

Our seismic sensors will also create an intrusion alert and can differentiate between human footfall, wildlife, vehicles or changeable weather conditions. Thus reducing false alarms and only alerting to genuine threats. 

We can even provide portable, tactical buried detection sensors and camera units to monitor a problem area and gather evidence over a period of time. Proving invaluable for fixing many anti-social issues. 

Real-Life Application

When asked by local authorities to provide security measures, we first need to understand the location and nature of the issues. We carry out a full risk assessment of those areas, typically council-owned buildings and public spaces, before providing a full recommendation of the measures required to fix issues. 

Often, solid security measures are already in place, with multiple CCTV cameras filming 24/7, PIR sensors triggering lighting or alarms and branded alarm systems installed for building intrusion.

Boundaries will often have fairly robust fencing in place but no means of tracking breaks, cutting or damage to the perimeter, let alone a person scaling it… With open areas having no means of detection aside from CCTV which can be easily avoided or relies upon a physically-manned central control room with multiple feeds. 

The potential for false alarms and missed threats are abundant and most cases of intrusion will be ignored, missed or only detectable after an event. 

We’ll provide a fully automated system that protects perimeter fences, open grounds and only triggers for genuine threats. Meaning security staff can deal with issues as they happen, not once they have taken place. 

Our control room software allows for seamless integration with all existing security measures or you can replace multiple, unsightly, fixed cameras with mounted, full 360-degree ultra-long-range cameras. Proving much less visually-intrusive and far more effective: As soon as a trigger takes place, the cameras automatically focus on that area and alert the necessary authorities. 

For smaller, non-specific threats like anti-social behaviour, we have portable, tactical kits consisting of buried seismic sensors and covert, hidden cameras. These can be easily put in place without training and feed to an app or computer software whenever triggered; A live steam that alerts you directly when an event is taking place. 

Security has moved on and options which were not available outside of military use are now available to the public. Safe Security Solutions is the proud UK provider of these systems and we’re happy to advise on their best applications to provide complete protection.

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