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Key Holding – What is it?

For many of our clients we are the first point of contact to police and other emergency services should any attempt be made on a site. Key holding as the name suggests is an alarm response service where we hold keys for our clients.

Our patrollers are on call and respond immediately to alarm activations. This may be a real intrusion or an alarm activated by a fault in the system. Whatever it may be and wherever our clients’ maybe, the onus is on us to deal with the matter.

Certainly convenience is one of the reasons our clients use this service, the other is safety. Imagine you go out to an alarm call yourself and you discover a burglary in progress,

Are you trained to deal with this? Do you know the dangers? What would be your first move? What would you do if they attack you? Would you feel comfortable if its your son or daughter or employee?

You can see how there are so many questions to deal with in the heat of the moment.

There is a risk that the person called out, be it staff or family could be in danger, hence the first line of response must be trained to deal with issues like this. It is imperative that they should be experienced enough to assess the situation immediately and act very quickly without danger or at least with the least amount off danger to themselves or the property.

A good security company should provide a trained response to any situation and also understand how to work with the police in these matters and to help resolve any issues quickly.

Experience and training is key, as is location. If you cannot get there fast enough, how do we expect to deal with it, it will be over before you have a chance to deal with it.

Our 3 offices give us speedy access to our clients, wherever they are in London and the Home Counties, which is paramount to us delivering everything we promise and moreover because of this we also provide locking and unlocking services and lone worker checks.

So when you are looking for a Key Holding Service, make sure all the boxes are ticked, otherwise the dangers are still there.

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