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An open doorway concealed in a book case reveals a hidden room.

Just How Effective Are Panic Rooms?

It’s the early hours of the morning and you are awakened by a loud banging sound. You wearily get up to go and see what the noise is. As you walk downstairs in the half-light of a summer’s night, you see there are a collection of masked, armed individuals, violently trying to smash the glass patio doors of your home to gain entry. Their intentions are clearly not good.

You’re living in a smart home which is lined with all the latest technology, in a neighbourhood filled with similar houses. Your gated community has its own mobile security detail to watch over the residents, protect against intrusions and keep the expensive homes and collections of sports cars safe. Your CCTV, PIR lighting and alarm system have all failed as deterrents and with adrenaline surging, you hurriedly wake your family members and usher them into your last line of defence: Your panic room.

This does sound like a plot for a movie and you’d be forgiven for thinking we are trying to create some drama. Sadly, this is a very real scenario and, in fact, something which only recently took place for a client we are working with.

Did The Panic Room Save Them?

Thankfully, on this occasion, a combination of reinforced glass in the rear of the home and quick thinking on the homeowners’ part bought enough time to safely usher family members into the panic room. Authorities were called and the intruders, though not caught, had dispersed by the time the police arrived. The CCTV had gathered some evidence.

Most people would never consider a panic room a necessity but for certain members of society, it is the last bastion of security, when every other security protocol and the system has failed to protect them. Typically, panic rooms will be in the homes of the wealthy, the influential or the famous who are targets for organised crime.

It may provide some peace of mind having an impenetrable room in the house but any scenario that necessitates its use will almost certainly come with some level of trauma; Imagine living in constant fear that criminals with firearms will come to (or return, and) invade your home. This particular scenario was made worse by the presence of the homeowner’s children and spouse at the time of the attack… Which occurred at night when they were at our most vulnerable.

Fear Vs Protection

The real issue here is not “Why would we ever need a panic room?” but “Can we get to the safety of the panic room quickly enough?”.

The truth is, you’d need a panic room when security deterrents have not worked and organised criminals (Who have likely researched the crime before ever stepping foot over the boundary) are determined to extract valuables from you regardless of any safety measures put in place.

Buying Time & Ensuring Safety

Bad people exist.

We would hope to never encounter these people and certainly not become a target for them. But if the unthinkable happens, we’d hope that the correct safety measures were in place to protect our loved ones and put assets.

In the real-life scenario above, it was a little bit of luck that halted the criminal’s entry for long enough to allow the family to gather and enter the panic room. But numerous security systems had already been bypassed, which allowed the threat to escalate to the point of entry:

  • This was in a gated community
  • There were security patrols
  • The smart home had full CCTV cameras
  • Motion-activated floodlights were in place
  • Specialist PIR sensors were mounted around the property
  • A comms room was a part of the property with security integration software
  • Live feeds were enabled for the motion detection and cameras
  • A high-quality alarm system was installed on the property

None of these things halted the attempted crime.

In fact, not much will stop a determined criminal gang… But you can buy as much time as possible to allow safe retreat to the panic room… and that is where Safe Security Solutions comes in.

Immediate Detection Whilst Eliminating False Alarms.

A slhouette of a man triggering an underground Sensoguard sensor as he walks across a grass field.

We specialise in detection and pre-detection security systems. Rather than passively allowing intrusions to happen, our systems detect the crime the moment an invisible boundary is crossed, a fence is scaled or a cut is made to get through a line of protection.

Every home requires a different solution as every perimeter and access point will be different; A home in the country will require entirely different perimeter protection to a large townhouse or a smart home in a gated community.

Every security system we supply will be fully integrated with your existing security and is completely customised to your unique requirements, making the following possible:

  • Instant notification the moment a the perimeter is breached
  • False alarms are eliminated meaning only genuine threats will cause alerts
  • Weather conditions such as snow, rain or fog will not affect equipment performance
  • Our systems can be set up to understand your daily routines and focus solely on unusual occurrences outside of that
  • Night or daytime monitoring is fully accountable and reliable
  • Our systems vary in terms of installation but their overall aesthetic will not compromise the look of your home
  • The experienced staff at Safe Security Solutions are fully able to identify weak access points, holes in the boundary security and areas of concern that other security companies will not have noticed
  • We can create instant alerts, alarms or actions that with a view to deterring the would-be criminals whilst allowing you, as the home owner to get to the safe room and await the the authorities to take action

Unfortunately, the understanding and methods of criminals gangs allow them some flexibility to disable or bypass many conventional forms of security, which is why Safe Security Solutions specialises in providing security that most criminals will be unaware of and most people will not even know exists.

Security Systems Developed For The Military Are Now Accessible On The UK Market

Safesitecam Smart AI Security Camera mounted on a wall in front of a landscape and clouds

Many people may be aware that fence-mounted security systems (PIDS) exist. These systems instantly detect and pinpoint the area where a fence is broken, damaged or scaled.

You may have heard of advanced AI security camera systems. Which work as effectively at night as they do in the daytime, can incorporate vehicle number plate recognition technology, face recognition, can differentiate between animals, wildlife and humans or vehicles. They can even include invisible digital tripwires which allow detection within a specified area or provide an invisible boundary that will trigger the alert system when crossed.

We provide both of the above systems.

SG-1 Standalone Buried Detector control box and sensor

But it’s a fairly sure bet that you may never have seen buried seismic-detections systems. These systems were originally developed for military application, using the same technology that is in use today for earthquake detection. These buried systems are completely invisible, completely undetectable and cannot be bypassed, disabled or interrupted in any way. We hold the exclusive UK rights to the SensoGuard range of buried intrusion detection systems.

Beyond that, we can guarantee that people will not be aware that civilian radar detection systems are also available on the UK security market… We provide those too. You’ll have to ask us specifically about these systems and we’d be more than happy to provide full details and assess whether they are right for you.

If you are looking for security that goes far beyond anything you’ve seen before then get in touch with the Safe Security Solutions team.

We can assess your situation and provide recommendations and systems that will be the difference between eliminating the threats entirely or buying you the time to reach the safety of your panic room before a threat can take action.

Your safety is our priority.