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How We Work With You

Years of experience in the sector and access to the latest security technology enables us to identify security holes and make the right recommendations to stop threats.

We provide the service you need: Working directly with end clients (from assessments to installation) or discreetly using the information your company provides, allowing complete anonymity for the site owner.

How We Are Different:

We are not like other security companies. 

Providing completely unique security systems is a big part of what we do and that begins with identifying and solving the problems with your current security measures. 

Working with individuals, businesses and organisations, we can apply our years of experience in the security industry to identify gaps in their existing security. This may be in the form of upgrading your current security system or designing and providing a brand new, state-of-the-art custom security system, built from the ground up. 

Security should stop a threat in its tracks before safety is compromised or assets are taken. If your system cannot do that then you need an expert to identify the issues and put measures in place.

Your security should not fail. It should be impervious to adverse weather, eliminate false threats and allow you to function in a secure environment.

We can recommend systems that will work seamlessly with your existing measures. Or we can create the foundation to complete, discreet security which eliminates false alarms and keeps you or your clients safe.

Our Three-Tiered Approach To Security Consultancy

Our team works the way you want us to; Offering everything from full site surveys, identification of intrusion points and holes in your current security along with the full supply of the necessary security equipment, installation and integration and training. 

If you are a security consultancy or third party agency working with high profile clients, you may simply want to purchase our exclusive security systems or get an overview of which systems will work best. We can remain completely anonymous to the end client, instead, working directly with you from plans, feedback and instructions.

We are as involved as you need us to be. Find the approach that works best for you or let us know how you want to work with the Safe Security Solutions team. 

Direct Supply & Install

√  Ideal for: individuals, businesses and organisations

√  We provide the complete service from site visitation and assessment right through to installation and ongoing support.

√  We work directly with the end client.

√  We supply all of the security equipment needed.

√  We visit and assess the site with a view to providing a comprehensive security system.

√  We oversee or actively participate in the installation of the security system.

√  Existing security is assessed and integrated with new systems where possible.

√  Ongoing support is provided to the level that you require. Be it an ongoing service contract or ad-hoc support when needed. 

√  Full training for the use of the security software and apps can be provided. Meaning you’ll be confident in understanding notifications and how to take actions or make adjustments.

Working With Installers

√  Ideal for: security companies or agencies in our sector who wish to supply and install our products.

√  We can work directly with the end client or keep correspondence strictly via your company.

√  Our team will work as part of yours. We can even use your company branding, should you so wish.

√  We can supply the equipment only or assist with full security consultancy and integration.

√  We can visit the site or work from your plans, intel and satellite images of the grounds.

√  Full assessments of existing security measures will be used to integrate new systems wherever possible.

√  We can advise and assist with installation, integration and provide relevant training to the team members who need it.

√  You dictate the levels of support required. This may be an ongoing interest or consultancy if something needs attention.

NDA-Approved Work

√  Ideal for: high profile work where locations and names are protected and anonymity is paramount.

√  Working with security consultancies, agencies or in sectors where discretion is required.

√  We do not work with or contact the end client directly.

√  This may require equipment supply & direction only.

√  We may or may not see the site & might not have access to ground plans.

√  We work only with the information and measurements you give us to provide the correct equipment.

√  We can advise on installation and integration.

√  Ongoing support will be at your discretion and as necessary.

√  We’ll work with your company and arrange training for your team members, as and when requested.

UK Security Consultancy Specialising In:

Perimeter Detection Systems
By El-Far

Working exclusively with our Israeli supplier, we are able to provide high quality, bespoke perimeter intrusion detection systems.

Internal or external advanced perimeter intrusion systems can be designed, developed and integrated to suit each client’s individual requirements.

SensoGuard Buried Intrusion Detection Systems

Buried Intrusion Detection Systems use weatherproof, covert seismic sensors to create an invisible boundary that cannot be bypassed.

The sensors use innovative seismic and magnetic technologies to detect movement from threats whilst mitigating false alarms, alerting the system to intruders. 

Smart AI Security Cameras & Systems

We can provide a range of CCTV systems that are suited to their task. From standard 4K to ultra-long-range cameras.

Powered by smart AI software that identifies threats and takes action, alerting the property owner and the would-be intruder as the threat is taking place.

A civilian radar system on land

Radar Systems
By Magos

Magos provide world-leading radar systems for use in civilian environments. Its robust design stands up to the elements, without causing false alarms due to changeable weather or objects that may obscure the line of sight.

Combining a small form factor and impressive range (up to 1Km) that can accurately detect human or vehicle movement, it works seamlessly with your existing security to ensure action is taken the moment a genuine threat is detected. 

A Safe Security Solutions Staff Picture of a man in a yellow branded vest holding a walkie talkie.

Security Officers & Traffic Marshalls

Covering almost all of the UK, our Security Officers and Traffic Marshall service is currently used by clients from sectors including Retail, Construction, Industrial, Factory, Warehousing, Storage, Manufacturing & Gatehouse Security.

We can provide security staff at short notice, for long or short term use.

We’re a trusted provider of Security Officer provision with a proven track record for client satisfaction.

Solar panels up close in a field

Eco-Friendly Security Systems

We’re proud to offer some of the most eco-friendly, energy-efficient security solutions available on the market today.

Your safety should never be compromised and we should all do our bit for the planet in any way we can. 

We’ve worked hard to find the most energy-efficient security measures and systems that can be self-powered by renewable sources (such as solar panels or ultra-long life batteries) while providing complete, reliable protection. 

Proudly Working With:

The Safe Security Solutions logo

Consulting. Assessing. Installing.

Safe Security Solutions works with you, on your terms, to produce a custom security system tailored to each client’s exact requirements.

Whatever level of input is required from us, we’ll assist every step of the way.

Get in touch for more information.