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Not Just Another Security System

The sheer number of home security systems on the UK market is mind-boggling. Selecting from the various burglar alarms, CCTV setups, PIR sensors, laser sensors, motion-activated lights, window & door security, shutters and locks can prove difficult enough but it becomes even more frustrating when (in spite of having these measures in place) intrusions, thefts or crimes still occur and are not discovered until after the event has taken place. 

Unfortunately though, most homes have minimal levels of protection and they can all be bypassed relatively easily.

For example, alarm systems have been known to be susceptible to expanding foam in the visible burglar alarm box. Anything relying on electricity to power it can be cut or bypassed as most installation companies fix the cabling to the outside of the walls. Most CCTV systems gather poor-quality evidence rather than alerting the property owner or authorities as a crime is taking place. 

What if you knew of a system that could not be bypassed, alerted the right people AS an intrusion was happening (and before someone is able to reach your building), did not fail in adverse weather conditions, still functioned during a power cut and allowed a homeowner to take action before a threat entered the home?

These systems exist and Safe Security Solutions has exclusive UK access to these products which were originally developed for military use. 

Security Threats To UK Homes

    • Building Intrusion
    • Property Damage
    • Attempted Thefts
    • Violent Attacks
    • Trespassing
    • Harassment
    • Targeted Threats
    • Problem Neighbours
    • Equipment Damage
    • Heating Oil Theft
    • Gun Security
    • Shed & Outhouse Break-Ins
    • Vehicle Theft Or Vandalism
    • Flytipping
    • Stress From Feeling Unsecure

Many homes will have basic security measures in place which simply do not stop threats. They may provide a deterrent or gather evidence after an incident has taken place but you need to be alerted to a crime before it escalates.

Basic Security For Homes

Most homes will only have a very basic security which can, unfortunately, be easily bypassed.

You may have some of the following measures in place:

  • Door and window locks
  • Locks on external properties (Sheds, garages etc)
  • Kit CCTV (Wired or wireless)
  • Burglar alarm systems
  • Motion-activated lighting

These systems may deter some would-be thieves, intruders or low-level threats but many homeowners still find themselves the victims of crime, even with all of the above in place. That is unacceptable. Safe Security Solutions can change that. 

Safe Security Solutions Recommends

Our perimeter security measures were originally developed for military use. Which are able to withstand any weather condition like extreme cold, heat, rain, snow or fog (all are common problem for the majority of CCTV systems) and reverting to battery-back-up in the case of power loss means effective security around the clock.

Your home may have metal fencing or walling around some of the boundary. We can attach some of our perimeter intrusion detection systems by El-Far. We can provide safe, reliable sensors mounted to most walls,  metal fencing (wire/railings/wrought iron) and detect cuts, breaks or attempted scaling as it happens. This will alert you in real-time as the threat occurs at the perimeter before access to the property or assets has taken place. 

Any security measures you already have in place, like CCTV, sirens, alarms or lighting can be seamlessly integrated via our software to trigger with the alert and deter the threat or alert the relevant parties to it.

For many homes, where walls or fencing is not in place or may not even be permitted by local authorities. In these cases, we’d recommend our buried seismic detector systems by SensoGuard. These are 100% reliable and can stand up to the harshest environments on the planet… Whilst being completely hidden and not compromising the aesthetic of the property. 

Due to their very nature, the buried intrusion detection systems cannot be seen and can be placed under any boundary, perimeter or area with minimal disruption to plants, trees and wildlife. Providing an invisible, reliable barrier that alerts the homeowner to any attempt to access the property. 

Both systems can be customised to differentiate between vehicles, wildlife, animals, human footfall and other vibrations which could traditionally cause false alarms. This means that activity from pets or vehicles arriving or leaving the property can be eliminated as threats leaving only genuine intrusions or crimes creating an alarm. 

No false alarms mean genuine threats can be addressed and dealt with as they take place. 

Real-Life Application

Safe Security Solutions has recently worked with a client to secure his home. We were called in when he’d seen a rise in crime in his neighbourhood and had an attempted theft on his property. 

The gentleman in question lived in a very nice private road location, with neighbourhood watch operating and he already had several security measures in place including CCTV, motion-activated security lighting, a top-end alarm system and industry-standard locks throughout the property. 

The recent rise in crime throughout his neighbourhood had created a sense of unease within his family and an attempted break-in was the tipping point. He realised that deterrents were not working every system in place could be easily bypassed or manipulated if the criminals had true intend to gain access. 

Safe Security Solutions provided a full site survey with a breakdown of all access points and areas of lapse security, allowing for existing security measures already in place at the home. 

We have since installed fence-mounted intruder detection systems on the gates, fencing and boundary lines which covered approximately 40% of his perimeter. Remaining areas which included open ground, a driveway and garden area were secured using buried intrusion detection systems.

Both systems are now integrated with his existing security measures and other than one attempted intrusion (which immediately raised an alarm and the perpetrator was scared away) there have been no further crimes taking place within the last six months, as of writing. 

We provide complete, reliable perimeter security for your peace of mind. Nothing is more important than a secure home and a happy family. 

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With exclusive UK rights to Sensoguard buried intrusion detection systems and El-Far fence-mounted systems, we can provide discreet, security solutions to protect your family, assets and home… More affordably than you might think.

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