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Fuel Depot Security

Safe Security Solutions will secure your fuel and provide complete, year-round protection that will not fail. Ensuring threats are identified even before they access your fuel supply.
Safe Security Solutions

Protecting Fuel Supplies

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A civilian radar system on land

Securing Fuel Sources & Stopping Crime

With fuel prices at record highs, it will be no surprise that fuel crime is on the rise and predicted to escalate well into the future. 

Anywhere storing fuel can be a potential target, whether it be from opportunists or organised criminals. The amount of fuel being stored will often dictate the level of threats being faced.

Putting the correct measures in place can be the difference between being repeatedly targeted or stopping threats before they escalate. Stopping damage being done and fuel from being stolen. 

It is impossible to stop the threat entirely but with the right security technology in place, we will provide a custom security solution that matched the exact needs you have. Built to the scale you need it to be. 

We understand the threats faced by anyone with fuel reserves and our expert team will work with you to provide the most complete, technologically-advanced security measures available in the UK to protect you. 

Read on for more information and feel free to get in touch when you want a more detailed summary of what we offer.

A SensoGuard invisifence plus sensor next to a scene with a fence and sensors in action with red circles showing the ares they cover.

Security Threats To Fuel Depots

    • Fuel Thefts
    • Equipment Damage
    • Vehicle Damage
    • Damage to Property 
    • Fire and Arson Risk
    • Threats to Personal Safety
    • Acts of Vandalism
    • Building Intrusion
    • Thefts of Vital Components
    • Organised Crime
    • Endangerment to Life
    • Raises in Insurance Premiums
    • Stoppages to the Supply Chain
    • Loss of Productivity
    • Access for Protestors

As mentioned previously, the scale of the threat to anywhere storing fuel is often relative to the amount of fuel being stored

Farms and HGV yards for example will usually face issues from opportunist criminals. They may be equipped for lower-level crimes, usually centred around fuel theft. However, the damage these criminals cause will often be more costly and cause more inconvenience than the loss of fuel.

The top end of the chain would be fuel refineries, fuel pipelines and large-scale fuel storage

Generally speaking, these will already have security measures in place that will deter more low-level criminals. 

Because it takes more organisation to attack fuel refineries, pipelines and storage the threat level is exponentially higher. Criminals operate on a risk vs reward basis and the gains must outweigh the outlay, time and equipment required. 

Basic Security For Fuel Storage & Production

Almost anywhere storing fuel will have basic security in place. This may include:

  • Warning and private property signs.
  • Perimeter fencing & restricted access points.
  • CCTV at key locations.
  • PIR or emotional-activated sensors.
  • Alarms & sirens.
  • Lighting measures.
  • Security devices on vehicles.
  • Minimised levels of fuel storage to reduce loss.

However, the above threats only really provide some level of protection for opportunist criminals. 

Generally speaking, more organised criminal gangs will target the larger sources of fuel and additional protection is required to provide more complete security.

    Whilst the measures listed will deter some troublesome elements, they will do little to put off determined and experienced offenders.

    Safe Security Solutions Recommends

    It’s useful to be aware that security systems do exist that can minimise the risk of criminal activity and provide much more substantial protection by:

    • Protecting the perimeter or boundary area.
    • Providing hidden and covert protection.
    • Is impervious to tampering and cannot be disabled.
    • Working in all weather conditions and environments.
    • Not relying on human intervention such as guards or staff members.
    • Take immediate action the moment a threat is detected.
    • Identifying and pinpointing genuine threats.
    • Differentiating between vehicles, humans and wildlife.
    • Negating the usual causes of false alarms.
    • Working with any existing security measures already in place. 

    If that sounds too good to be true then read on and we’ll detail some of the advanced security systems that Safe Security Solutions can provide. 

    We build detection systems to suit your exact requirements and have exclusive UK access to some of the most advanced security systems on the market. 

    How the InvisiFence Plus system picks up footstep intrusions.
    Viper Sens fence mounted security detection
    Viper Sens fence mounted security detection

    Safe Security Solutions Systems

    We specialise in creating unique, complete security systems which work where standard security has failed. 

    Creating security measures which use pre-detection means you can take action before threats escalate. We assess and design the right security system for you. 

    These systems may include:

    SensoGuard Buried Detection: Sensors that can be buried along any boundary or open area to provide invisible protection. Using seismic technology to detect and differentiate between threats (vehicles/humans/wildlife/weather) these systems will pinpoint threats and allow you to take action. 

    SensoGuard Pipeline Protection Plus (SG-PPS): Designed specifically for protection pipelines, the SG-PPS system can seamlessly span hundreds of kilometres without any degradation in signal or detection. This fully digital solution is ideal for protecting fuel supplies and will detect threats such as digging and alert you to the exact location. 

    El-Far Fence-Mounted Perimeter Protection: El-Far produce some of the world’s most reliable vibration detection system. When fencing or metallic surfaces are used to enclose and protect an area, these systems will form the backbone of security. Detecting tampering, cutting, scaling or impacts and relaying the information back to a central hub or providing notifications to take action. 

    Magos Radar Systems: Magos radar systems offer impressive detection ranges (1km/0.62 miles) and work in virtually any environment.  Objects that block viewing lines would cause conventional security measures to fail, pose no issue for the Magos radar systems.

    Advanced Security Cameras: We provide the very best security cameras available on the UK market. We can supply cameras that are designed and built specifically for your needs, and offer up to 360° protection, incredible range and extremely high clarity. These can be enhanced using AI software for all manner of applications, from live, automatic tracking of objects to face and ANPR detection. 

    Understanding Your Security Needs

    Security companies tend to make fairly snappy assessments of what you need and install standard, unreliable security measures which offer little by way of protection. 

    We work differently. 

    When you enquire with Safe Security Solutions, we work alongside you to identify and assess the areas you need to be secured and work out the best strategy and technologies to do that. 

    Security should not be a compromise. 

    We look at satellite images, the security you may already have in place, listen to the issues you’ve had in the past and work out the flaws and access points that will lead to threats escalating.

    We provide weatherproof security systems that will reduce false alarms to nearly zero and work all year round, whilst covering any scale or size you require. 

    By taking the time to conduct a full, professional survey of the entire area that requires protection, we can build a custom system that will work seamlessly, offering protection that meets and exceeds your expectations. 

    We can work with you and your team to arrange supply and installation or we can provide the equipment and oversee or advise your team performing the installation. 

    Fuel is a valuable resource. It requires the complete protection that Safe Security Solutions can provide.

    Security Without Compromise:
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    If complete protection is something you require, then our expert team can help. 

    Safe Security Solutions provides custom security systems to suit any scale or environment. 

    Contact us today and learn more bout the advanced security systems we provide. 

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