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Farm Equipment Thefts In 2020

We have seen a shocking increase in equipment thefts from tractors and farms in 2020, with a limited amount of press coverage. 

Our central office in the heart of Lincolnshire where the rural community forms the economic backbone, Safe Security Solutions shares the official guidance on how to reduce these crimes, explains why that will not work and offers advice on security setups which will alert to crimes whilst they are in progress, not simply gather evidence after the event. 

Protect Your Farm, Land & Estate

When you are a landowner, a farmer or in charge of an estate, it can be overwhelming trying to ensure that large areas, often spread over many miles are kept secure and safe.

Constant threats to security, thefts, property damage and vandalism can tie up a lot of valuable resources, waste time and often render you inoperable as essential repairs and maintenance will need to be carried out before work can continue. 

We’re able to offer you cost-effective security solutions and for large and small farms across the UK, in Ireland and in some parts of Europe. 

Security Threats To Farms

  • Trespassing
  • Crop Damage
  • Chemical Storage
  • Hare Coursing
  • Gun Security
  • Heating Oil Theft
  • Building Intrusion
  • Harming Livestock
  • Fuel Thefts
  • Equipment Damage
  • Flytipping
  • Machine Thefts

The above list may include some, but certainly not all of the common security threats to farms and smallholdings. These issues may seem impossible to stop. But they can be stopped. Our advanced farm security systems will prove far more cost-effective than not addressing the problem.

Basic Security For Farms

It is advisable to look at the problem areas on your farmland and put security measures in place, especially in areas where equipment, fuel, chemicals or equipment are stored. 

You may wish to consider:

  • CCTV
  • Noise created by alarms & sirens
  • Awareness from lighting
  • Flashing beacons

Basic security measures can be put in place to deter would-be thieves, vandals and trespassers but you may wish to take extra measures.

Safe Security Solutions Recommends

Every farm, estate or smallholding will have reoccurring issues that require security tailored to deal with them. 

The Safe Security Solutions team can come to you and conduct a full security risk assessment of those problem areas and look at our range of detection systems and how to integrate & update with your existing security. 

We can provide detection security in the shape of effective smart fence and perimeter systems which will only activate under certain circumstances, reducing the false positives often triggered by laser and PIR sensors. 

CCTV alone will not detect and alert to threats but can be effective for recording and giving evidence. It’s often better to have systems in place like seismic detectors, fence or gate mounted sensors and perimeter security that can trigger alerts BEFORE the intrusion or theft takes place. 

We’ll work alongside you to secure your farm and eliminate threats before they happen rather than gather evidence after they have taken place. 

Real-Life Application

“Most large farms will likely have beam kits as their top-level security. These consist of a receiver unit and transmitter unit which come in pairs.

They are common with commercial and UHNWI (ultra-high net worth individuals) sectors as this is the only ‘high-level detection sensors’ most security companies and installers are aware of, so they promote them when faced with an issue or enquiry for open areas.

They fail. A lot.

They are only (approximately) 40% effective.

We worked on a farm security project which has 6ft high steel palisade fencing and the detectors are placed ‘inside’ the perimeter for intruder detection – (the system has failed already as a person has already passed the perimeter and is in the complex), but they have a high failure rate due to constant false alarms due to weather, rain, wind, mist, fog, animals, birds etc

We were approached because the farm manager needed effective and accurate detection ability. So we designed a fence system using the simple CU-07 fence protection system which was attached to the steel palisade fencing and activated local CCTV… This only triggers when the fence has a positive strike or impact.

This system is impervious to all weathers, birds strikes, rain and snow, and large animals such as foxes.

Excessive false-positive triggers will always mean that a genuine alarm can be ignored and a threat can be allowed to escalate. Our smart systems allow us to differentiate between a genuine threat and natural occurrence so you can act accordingly and stop intruders in their tracks.”

Having doubts about your farm security?

Effective and reliable farm security may be far more affordable than you think, especially when you weigh up the costs to your time and productivity in dealing with various threats and the damage they can cause.

Prevention is far better than evidence gathering so get in touch to see how we can create an effective, custom security solution for you.

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