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EL-FAR Security
UK Provider

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About El-Far

Operating for over 20 years, EL-FAR develops, manufactures and installs advanced perimeter security systems across the globe. 

Safe Security Solutions is a proud partner to EL-FAR, with exclusive access to EL-FAR security systems in the UK.

Working with every industry and sector from energy providers, businesses, airports and corporations to private land and homeowners. 

Their security tech is even installed on borders and in use by the military in over 34 countries. 

EL-FAR products can be integrated with virtually any existing security measures to provide complete protection at the boundary, in any climate or terrain. 

Their proven track-record speaks for itself when it comes to eliminating intrusions and providing reliable security tech when other companies and solutions have come up short. 

The Benefits Of EL-FAR Security Systems:

The benefits of EL-FAR security products are vast but a brief overview of their outstanding perimeter protection can be viewed here:

  • Seamless integration with existing security.
  • Tamperproof security will detect any effort to cut, impact or scale the perimeter.
  • IP-rated to be weatherproof and dustproof.
  • Systems are effective over a few short metres up to many thousands of KM.
  • EL-FAR poses one of the most cost-effective and reliable methods of securing any perimeter.
  • A single controller can monitor over 1500m of fencing.
  • Low power requirements allow for effective operation in remote areas.
  • Adjustable sensitivity ensures reliable threat detection.
  • Even with systems spanning over many km, EL-FAR security can pinpoint intrusion attempts within a few metres. 
  • EL-FAR products are aesthetically pleasing and fit in well with existing fencing.

An El-Far Elec Sens Wooden Fence detection system mounted on a wooden fence.

EL-FAR Systems Work Seamlessly With The Following Sectors :


For small-to-mid-size business premises, EL-FAR will alert you to threats the instant they are detected, allowing your security to take action.


There is no scale or size that EL-FAR cannot cater for. Remote locations, hazardous environments or high-security risks can be secured with EL-FAR.


Providing seamless integration with your existing security to protect against threats BEFORE they gain access to your property grounds.

An image of a calculator used for finances with an EL-FAR logo beside it.

Long-Term Payment Options With EL-FAR

Safe Security Solutions is the only UK security provider with access to EL-FAR products and services. 

Our long-standing partnership with the company means that we are able to arrange finance agreements that allow you to spread the costs of EL-FAR products and installations.

We understand that security should never be a compromise and it’s important to know that your security system is 100% reliable.

We can assist you with spreading payments for security projects using EL-FAR products, allowing you to make an affordable and manageable payment plan that works for you. 

An Overview of EL-FAR Systems:

EL-FAR security systems focus largely on two things: 

1: Integrating all existing security measures to take action the moment a threat is detected.

2: Providing fence-mounted protection that can span perimeters from a few metres to many thousands of kilometres.

These systems can work in remote locations with low power requirements, and when combined with fibre-optic cable options, the effective range can be improved significantly. 

Virtually any fence can be used to mount the EL-FAR systems to and it will work effectively in any environment, with full weatherproof IP protection. 

Attempts to cut, scale or bypass the fence will be detected by the EL-FAR system which will create alerts connected to CCTV systems, sirens, audible warning beacons and lights or any other existing security you may have. 

Here are some quick links to the EL-FAR systems with more in-depth information below. 

Additional Information About EL-FAR Security Products

EL-FAR Security in the UK:

A perimeter fence with an Elec Sens motion sensor detector kit mounted to it.


With simple installation, ELEC-SENS will convert any existing fence into a smart detection system.

A perimeter fence with a motion sensor detector kit mounted to it.


This fence vibration sensor and alert system is suited to large-scale projects.

A metal wire fence with a motion sensing kit attached to it.


Suited to small sites and remote locations under 800m in length.

A rendered image of how spider sens can protect a commercial building.


An internal sensor system for warehouses, storage areas and buildings.

Laser-sens, a fence mounted security system powered by laser detection from El-Far.


More reliable than PIR, this invisible laser-detection system offers robust protection at entry points.

A POWER SENS mounted security system


A UK-legislation-compliant and non-lethal electrified fencing option.

A perimeter fence with a Tera Sens motion sensor detector kit mounted to it.


A digging and tunnelling detection system that can be mounted above ground.

The El-Far Logo
The Safe Security Solutions logo

EL-FAR is based in Israel and provides perimeter detection systems to over 34 countries around the globe

These systems were originally developed for the military, where reliability, action and data are paramount. With no option to fail or create false alarms.

Working effectively in some of the most extreme environments on earth, EL-FAR has become one of the most notable brands in perimeter protection. 

The EL-FAR & Safe Security Solutions Partnership.

Safe Security Solutions is the only approved UK provider for EL-FAR Electronics Systems.

Working alongside the EL-FAR team, we have exclusive UK access to their security hardware and software, with backup directly from their experts in Israel, when it comes to planning, procurement and installation of their products. 

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EL-FAR Systems in the UK

Feel free to send us your details to arrange a convenient time to discuss your security needs and how EL-FAR security products can help. 

Our expert team will be able to advise on the best solution for your needs, regardless of the scale of the project.

If your existing security is letting you down, then it’s time to look at EL-FAR.

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