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Eco-Friendly Security Systems

Eco Friendly Security

The advancements in security technology (along with technology in general) means that being eco-friendly is much easier now than it was several years ago.

The security systems we provide are generally low-power consumption and can be combined with any number of eco-conscious methods to draw power without compromising on reliability.

Harnessed with the fact that we can contain all pertinent information (Such as alarms, live feeds or alerts) within apps on smartphones or tablets rather than a number of dedicated PCs or monitors, it makes for a much more efficient way of working.

As our industry grows and new technology becomes available, everything is produced in compliance with The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS). It means that from the point of manufacture onwards, the security industry does not really have any excuses to go that little bit further to make a difference and maintain their eco-friendly status.

As a large proportion of our clients are in remote locations, covering large areas, it has become a necessity to produce security systems for them that can either work on a standalone basis or where low, reliable levels of power are a standard option.

We’ll cover how our systems are eco-friendly as well as a few changes we’ve made as a company to be a little more friendly to the planet.

ECO-Friendly, Solar Powered Or Off-Grid.

Every client we work with has unique security needs but all require complete reliable protection. 

Safe Security Solutions specialises in detection and protection systems, which trigger the moment a threat is detected and take immediate action. Many of these are in remote locations or cover wide, open areas that conventional security will not be suitable for. 

This can often present a problem for standard security companies as there will be the issue of laying a lot of cables and causing a lot of disruption simple to install the systems. We work differently. 

By ensuring that our security systems can all work as stand-alone items (such as buried sensors), we can use alternative power sources on the client’s say-so. 

This may include solar panels, wind turbines or other renewable sources of energy. Below are a few examples of how our systems meet and exceed the eco-conscious needs of our clients. 

Low Power Consumption

We work with everyone from owners of private residences to estate owners, industrial business units, enclosed private areas or sprawling open areas. 

Every security system we provide is based on low-power detection units that feedback to a central security hub. This allows for easy, effective monitoring as well as individual low-power units. Unlike many legacy security systems, there are parts of system that only need a few continuous volts to stay on, alert and protective. 

Renewable Energy Sources

It is often possible, even suggested, that renewable power sources are adopted for your security needs.

Each environment dictates the best options but solar power, wind or even water power can be an ideal way of powering your security system. This can be for standalone units, the complete system or even purely as a reliable backup power source, even if the national grid and battery backup are in place already.

Batteries Are Included

Feel free to ask about which detection systems we stock that already come with batteries installed. 

For example, our SensoGuard Moss AIO 2.0 sensors can be self-powered and work wirelessly for up to ten months before requiring a recharge. As battery technology has moved on, so too have the systems we can install. 

Less Cabling

It seems obvious but fewer security units means much less cabling.

This means installation can be performed more quickly, by fewer people. In turn, this reduces the sheer production impact of creating components. 

Effective security is not about the volume of units installed, the effectiveness of the security is far more important. 

Fewer Units Required

One huge benefit of detection systems that are more effective, is that, quite simply, you need less of them.

In the past, security companies would install fixed CCTV systems, which were hampered by the range and affected by weather conditions, to a point that it would take numerous cameras to create any sort of effective coverage.

When our detection systems (buried detectors or mounted vibration sensors) are correctly installed, you can have one long-range camera covering a much wider area, along with systems such as alarms or lighting. Any alert will cause the camera to move its area of vision and focus on the threat, thus doing the job of multiple CCTV cameras in the past as well as reducing the sheer amount of footage, to only include relevant triggers.

Minimising Environmental Disruption

Following on from less cabling, this also means that damage and disruption to the immediate environment are reduced.

The fewer tenches that need to be dug, holes that need to be drilled and resources that need to be used, the lesser the impact to the environment.

This applies to both the production and installation as well as the location for the installation. A lower impact on the local ecosystem and aesthetic is a big goal for the Safe Security Solutions Team.

Correct planning, easy installation and using the best components for security means that there is no compromise when it comes to the effectiveness of your security.

Minimising Engineers, Vehicle Use & Petrol-Powered Tools

Fewer units, less cabling, more effective systems, this all means that it takes less time and fewer engineers to install our systems. 

We’ll never dictate how a third party installer carries out their work but whenever we provide the engineers, we try to ensure that fewer vehicles, rechargeable power tools and fewer fossil fuels are necessary for your security system installation. 

Off-Grid Credentials

Many clients we work with are very rural and this can often present issues regarding powering of the security systems. When their security needs to cover large, open areas, we simply cannot rely on standard options for power like the national grid.

Fortunately, we have a range of options and low-power consumption security systems that make it very possible to be effective and eco-friendly

Solar Powered Security

Solar power is reliable and ideal for keeping low-consumption devices charged and functional. Where possible, we look at the options and work with you to ensure solar power is used where it is feasible or other eco-friendly power sources are adopted. If other methods can be used to improve the green status of your system, we’re happy to recommend them and source them for installation.

Reliable Backup Power Methods

It’s not purely for the good of the planet that we recommend looking at alternative, renewable power sources for your security. Having backups in place makes you safer and more secure, without the risk of downtime, power outages or any loss of coverage.

Extra ways, as a company, we try to be less impactful to the environment:

Safe Security Solutions knows that little changes can make a big difference.

Paperless where possible

One of the earliest and easy changes we’ve made is to simply question whether something NEEDS to be printed before printing. Almost everything we do is digital in terms of information gathering and correspondence.

We may take a few notes manually and provide some promotional material but those will generally be using recycled paper. We even spread and recycle old paperwork to try and help re-use anything which can be recycled.

Due to the nature and sensitivity of our security work, we always put discretion first and routinely purge any long-term paper records by carefully and consciously recycling old paperwork.


This starts with things like boxes and packaging. Wherever possible we use heavy-duty, reusable flight cases for transportation of all equipment, with any original packaging being recycled.

This philosophy has stemmed further with everything from old security system parts electronic equipment. We always try to ensure that any impact we have is largely self-contained and we use reliable methods to make sure that Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Wireless systems (where possible) to reduce plastic waste.

Technology has moved on so much over the last 15 years that wired systems which were used previously can actually reliably function with significantly fewer wires.

We’d estimate that our systems use 75% to 80% less wire than many of the conventional security systems though we’d never expect to be completely wire-free when it comes to power inputs etc.

If a wireless system is a priority, we can look to reduce that further with standalone, self-powered security kits which draw energy from renewable sources such as solar panels or dedicated wind turbines.

Car sharing

Our own office staff car-share as much as possible to reduce our environmental impact. Where there is no need for two cars, we take one.

It’s very simple steps like this which can reduce excess fuel usage and protect the environment as we protect our clients. We cannot always control similar issues with third parties we work with (such as installers) but we believe in keeping this ethos within our own company.