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Does your construction site have a fence protection system in place?

What’s your on-site machinery worth?

If you have machinery on site, naturally you need to protect this from theft and vandals. Theft from the UK construction industry alone costs over £800 million across an average of 6,000 break-ins every year. Having a fence protection system in place can ensure that you don’t become part of this statistic.

With 92% of construction industry respondents reporting that they are regularly affected by theft and 21% of those stating that this takes place on a weekly basis you can see that good security pays for itself, time after time.

What security solutions London are most valuable?

There are many different types of security available and there is no right or wrong choice as your security solutions should be bespoke to your individual site.

As you can see, ensuring that you have the very best construction security in place, that is both safe for members of the public and secure for your own protection, is of the upmost importance.

One thing is for certain, the best security is to deter thieves before they get close to the items they want. Our fencing solutions provide that exact service. For example; as soon as the individual touches the fence an alarm is activated and intruder is given a warning to move away from the premises. You are also alerted that there has been a potential intrusion so you are able to act accordingly.

Safe Security Solutions are now the authorised UK partner and installer for RBTEC; an integrated perimeter fence intrusion detection system that was established in 1986. It has enabled our team to provide effective and affordable fence warning systems to your site.

The expert team here at Safe Security Solutions not only hold industry leading accreditations and boast a fantastic reputation but also offer a completely free site visit and quotation; why not get in touch with our team to find out more about how we can increase your construction site security without incurring huge costs? Call our team today on 01708 854 831.

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