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Does Your Business Need Commercial Security, Essex?

For many entrepreneurs, your business is your most valuable asset and it is crucial to go to all lengths to protect it. However, the majority of entrepreneurs never consider business security until something goes wrong.

Did you know that theft and business fraud cost the UK economy as much as £73 billion a year? With figures as shocking as this, you shouldn’t leave your business in such a vulnerable position, that’s why Safe Security Solutions, professional security services have collated a list of reasons as to why you should invest in commercial security, Essex.

What are the benefits of commercial security?

Naturally, having a commercial security system within your business automatically provides peace of mind. Not only that but you will often find, depending on the complexity of your system, your insurance rates will dramatically reduce, all the while providing a safer working environment for both you and your employees.

Small to medium sized companies

You may fool yourself thinking that because you’re not a multi-national, large corporation, you don’t need security. However, this simply isn’t the case and if anything, you’re more vulnerable as you’re less likely to have commercial security, Essex. That being said, it’s unlikely that you will need patrols etc. Fortunately, we are able to offer you specialist security solutions in Essex to ensure your premises and belongings are protected.

CCTV systems and monitoring: This solution would be ideal no matter the size of your business. CCTV monitoring works by connecting motion detectors to cameras. Linked to a 24-hour CCTV remote monitoring control centre, using high speed broadband and wireless 4G connections, the integrated cameras and motion sensors will detect any movement made onsite.

What if I’m a larger corporation?

You may already have existing CCTV within your business but feel as though you need more. Safe Security Solutions provide a wide variety of solutions including:

· Geo fencing: A geo fence is a virtual perimeter for a specific location.

· Geo tag images: to ease any potential concerns, we are able to provide you with regular photo updates of your assets or high-risk sites.

· Staff patrol: We believe trust is everything which is why we provide an accurate display of the patrol that our team are running as per your requirements.

If you like more information about commercial security, Essex, get in touch with today by calling 020 8555 6800.

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