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Safe Security Solutions can help
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Dealership Security

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Protect Your Vehicles, Equipment & Business

Dealerships can consist of car dealers, van dealers, HGV and coach dealers, caravan dealers, farm equipment and tractor dealerships… To name a few.

Each dealership faces numerous security threats from multiple sources, ranging from targeted crime to random vandalism. 

Whilst we cannot remove these threatening elements from society, we can provide a custom, safe security solution to suit the exact requirements of the dealership or business. 

Most dealerships have large grounds, often with a deliberately open-plan feel so that the public can peruse the vehicles or equipment at their leisure. The fine line is maintaining that open, friendly feel without compromising on the security and protection of the high-value assets

The security threats of theft, damage and vandalism can not only be expensive for insurance but also take up a lot of time that should really be spent making sales and serving the public. 

Safe Security Solutions offers cost-effective security solutions for dealerships of all sizes across the United Kingdom.

Security Threats To Dealerships

    • Vehicle Thefts
    • Organised Crime
    • Fuel Thefts
    • Equipment Damage
    • Targeted or Random Vandalism
    • Building Intrusion
    • Parts & Component Thefts
    • Property Damage
    • Employee Issues
    • High Insurance Excess 
    • Trespassing

Issues experienced by Dealerships can include a number of variants; from stealing the complete vehicle/unit (which could be a ‘pre-ordered’ requirement) which are then either stripped for parts, rebranded or exported.

Some sites/yards would be targeted just for certain parts and items for their reselling value by vicious, organised gangs.

The black market for vehicle parts has expanded over the last ten years, as the vehicles are stolen and stripped, packed into storage containers and shipped around the globe. Resale value could be £20k-£100,000k per container depending on the contents.

Aside from organised crime, the threat from vandals causing damage for fun can be an issue; Broken door mirrors, scratched and dented body panels and broken glass pushes up claims and insurance premiums for these sites and businesses.

This is avoidable.

Basic Security For Dealerships

Most Dealerships will already have some basic security in place including:

  • CCTV
  • Alarms & Sirens
  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Motion-Detector Lighting

Security threats to dealerships can generally be broken down into three categories:

  1. Organised Criminals
  2. Opportunistic Crime
  3. General Aggravation

Two and three may be deterred by basic measures already put in place. Targeted threats are generally much savvier and will usually have the equipment to get around simple security measures, making it difficult to eliminate the issues of organised crime.

The best detection systems are ones which have the usual elements in plain sight but far more effective measures that are not visible. These cannot be tampered with and will ensure that word gets around that your business is fully secured and nearly impossible to infiltrate and steal from.

Our systems are more robust…

Safe Security Solutions Recommends

Detection and prevention are key…

The newest 4K cameras and normal wall-mounted PIR sensors (which all the most security dealers are selling) will activate numerous times per night with false alarms. 

Conditions like wind, rain, grass sway or even the change of day to night will cause the sensors and/or cameras to trigger. Simple things like cloud movements and shadows can all cause false activations.

Our security systems improve on these FARs (False Alarm Rates) to eliminate these elements and provide less than a 5% rate of false alarms (based on over 8 months of continuous testing) which could convert to a maximum of 2-3 false alarms per month only.

Standard PIR’s could activate 300-500 times per night with the current technology, meaning that genuine threats are paid about as much attention as a noisy car alarm. 

You need a specific security solution that suits your business and needs.

Starting with a full site assessment: a full security survey including a written breakdown of your dealership’s requirements and list of solutions to match the problems.

We’ll look at your existing security measures and seamlessly integrate and upgrade those.

We are experienced security professionals, able to assess and design a system for thorough and effective detection, unlike a basic CCTV installer who can a low-cost, low-efficiency security option.

We understand price is key from both sides, we also understand that if your existing security is not working then we need to provide a full breakdown of threats, intrusion zones, recommendations, equipment and even arrange the fitting.

Security is made easier with remote monitoring stations, providing guaranteed activation by either using our military-grade buried detection systems (for foot or vehicle activation without false alarms) or fence mounted security for areas where a fence is already in place.

Safe Security Solutions stops the threat by eliminating false alarms and only notifying you to the real issues.

Real-Life Application

Most dealerships (such as car or vehicle dealers) are open-planned and already use mounted detection PIR/laser sensors. These trigger CCTV which is fed to a monitoring station.

But in the UK, weather can be an issue.

The sensors are generally called Redwall and can be complicated to install and set up by engineers due to the limited type of ranges and angles the sensor can cover.

Many of the newer and larger car dealers are on large complexes and generally have metal fencing already in place as a deterrent… This normally means there is less coverage from sensors and CCTV as they rely on the fence to be the deterrent.

It doesn’t work.

It simply allows criminals better access to gain entry into uncovered spots where they can move around undetected within the inner area.

These sites need a full, professional security assessment and survey. 

Safe Security Solutions can provide that and work with your existing security measures to make those more effective. 

We can supply and arrange fitting (as required) of ultra-long-range cameras, triggered by fence-mounted sensors or buried seismic sensors which are undetectable to criminals, 100% reliable and fully weatherproof

We aim to eliminate false threats and raise the alarm when a genuine issue arises. Leaving you safe and secure to do your job and makes sales.


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Effective and reliable dealership security is paramount to whether a business is profitable or whether they are fighting security issues and insurance claims.

Safe Security Solutions understands that prevention of the threats is essential to you and your dealership.

We’ll provide a fully-custom security system that suits your needs, your budget and most importantly provides the complete protection you require.

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