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Data Centre Perimeter Security

As secure as a data centre may be in terms of internal access, protocols and backups, it will often require advanced security systems that detect and stop threats at the boundary. 

Our systems do this. Without failures. 

Safe Security Solutions

Perimeter Security For Data Centres

For complete protection

Alerts before a threat can escalate.

By their very nature, data centres have to be extremely secure. 

Providing the backbone for businesses and information infrastructure, they have to ensure a secure, uninterrupted service whilst minimising access at every level.

Typically, data centres will be fairly featureless buildings, with few (if any) external windows and extremely limited access to and from the property. In many respects, they appear fairly easy to secure, certainly in terms of monitoring entry and exit points. But they will often be in fairly remote locations which makes some aspects of security difficult to monitor. 

Data centres will already have extensive security systems in place to protect access to the building and key areas inside the structure along with protecting the servers and technology housed within.

The real issue is how far a threat can proceed toward the facility before detection.

This is where our security systems come in: As soon as a perimeter is breached or a boundary crossed, action will be taken to stop the escalation

Our systems can be fully integrated with any existing security (that will already be in place) to enhance protection by identifying legitimate breaches of perimeter security and stopping them in their tracks.  

An image of a data centre based in London

Understanding Physical Security Threats To Data Centres:

Data centres pose a unique set of problems when it comes to security: The need to provide an uninterrupted service whilst being accessible to staff, deliveries or development work. Be it structurally, in terms of hardware or allowing access to people qualified to work on the software or hardware.

Data centres are a target for many reasons. They house extremely expensive equipment, they store sensitive information and they provide a key aspect that is required for modern infrastructures. Their threats can include:

General Threats

    • Trespassing
    • Attempted building intrusion
    • Equipment theft
    • Damage to property and equipment
    • Restricted access permissions being breached
    • Interruptions to power and service
    • Arson

Advanced Threats

    • Industrial espionage
    • Terrorist threats
    • Organised, targeted criminal activity
    • Intentional acts of destruction

As you will witness in almost any conflict, data centres are a key strategic target in order to take down communications. 

Our security systems will provide complete perimeter protection for anything short of a missile attack or force majeure. 

Some of the Issues With Standard Security ForData Centres:

Physical perimeter protection for data centres is arguably as important as the contents of the building. 

If it is possible for outsiders to get anywhere near the facility then its security systems have already failed. 

When some of the most advanced systems and information are housed within data centres, it stands to reason that the external security system must be robust enough to provide complete protection. 

Standard security measures have some severe shortcomings in providing the necessary levels of defence. For example:

  • Weather conditions can seriously affect security effectiveness.
  • Even the most advanced CCTV systems have a limited range.
  • Recording passively without effective detection means a lot of wasted hours of footage with nothing happening.
  • Staff can prove unreliable for 24/7 monitoring.
  • Alarms and lighting have limitations on effectiveness.
  • Motion-activated lighting can actually be an aid to threats.
  • Most security can be bypassed by criminals who are aware of its presence. 

Advanced Perimeter Protection For Data Centres:

Protecting data centres from the very perimeter is the key to their security. 

Detect > Alert > Take Action

Detection systems which can differentiate between genuine threats and the causes of false alarms are vital to ensure measures are in place when they are needed. 

When disturbances on the boundary are picked up by our systems, we allow immediate action to be taken. These can include:

  • People attempting to cut or scale a fence.
  • Impacts on gates or metal railings.
  • Attempted digging or tunnelling.
  • Threats crossing invisible boundaries.

When alerts are created and action is taken the moment a threat attempts to access the property from outside, that threat can be dealt with before it escalates. 

All of our advanced security systems offer protection that cannot be bypassed, disabled, avoided or detected. 

Most criminals will not even be aware out security exists, let alone provides complete, uninterrupted protection of the data centre they wish to access.

Safesitecam Smart AI Security Camera mounted on a wall in front of a landscape and clouds

The Benefits of Effective Perimeter Protection:

Our systems stop crimes before they happen. 

They do this by:

  • Identifying threats immediately.
  • Pinpointing the exact location.
  • Taking immediate action.
  • Eliminating false alarms.
  • Mitigating against adverse weather conditions.
  • Working 24/7.
  • Not relying on human intervention.
  • Forming invisible boundaries.
  • Identifying vehicle or human presence versus the common causes of false alarms.
  • Requires minimal power infrastructures and works as standalone units.
  • Can be powered by renewable energy solutions.
  • Working effectively in remote locations.
  • Ensuring any perimeter scale and length can be covered.
  • Requires zero physical maintenance once installed.
  • Being custom designed and installed by people with an understanding of points of entry, existing security and the variables of the area requiring security.
  • Offering complete integration with existing security and secondary systems.
  • Stopping threats before they escalate. 
A civilian radar system on land

Building a Custom Security Solution For Data Centres:

Safe Security Solutions is one of the few security companies in the UK to offer pre-detection systems.

These work by constantly monitoring and assessing threats to work out what is a genuine danger and what would be a typical cause for false alarms. Ensuring immediate action is taken the moment a problem is detected. 

The Pre-Detection Systems We Provide:

Fence-Mounted Vibration Sensors by El-Far:

Most data centres will have numerous types of fencing in place. We supply a range of fence-mounted systems from El-Far which work on virtually any form of metallic surface and even some wood or plastic fences. 

These detect vibrations to ascertain if there is attempted scaling, impacting or cutting and create an alert which pinpoints the location and triggers secondary systems such as alarms, lighting, sirens or CCTV.

Buried Seismic Detection by SensoGuard:

Ideally suited to open areas which may not have fencing infrastructure in place or as an extra layer of security. These seismic sensors cannot be seen or avoided, picking up human movement, vehicular activity and even attempts to dig or tunnel. 

Radar Systems from Magos:

Magos have produced incredibly powerful radar systems which combine a small form factor with an incredibly effective range of up to 1 KM. These systems can help to negate obstacles like trees or objects breaking the line of sight. Working seamlessly with secondary security measures like 360° cameras, they can detect and track the movement of vehicles and humans incredibly effectively. 

Full Integration With Existing Security:

The above systems can be fully configured and integrated with existing security that may already be in place. 

This extra layer of detection can be combined with any of the following systems: 

  • Motion-activated CCTV systems
  • Ultra-long range HD camera systems
  • ISS Security software which creates alerts and live video feeds for apps on PCs or mobile phones.
  • Security lighting.
  • Sirens and alarms.
  • Beacons
  • Audio recordings or pre-de

Pre-detection is the key to stopping threats from escalating. 

These are the systems we specialise in. 

A hand holding a phone with multiple CCTV feed on the screen

Creating Perfect Perimeter Protection

Reliable data centre security starts with getting in touch with our expert team.

We take the time to understand your needs by conducting a full site survey and working with you to assess the issues you may already be aware of. 

We use our years of experience in the security sector to look at everything from points of entry to physical boundaries and work out an effective three-ring security system that will provide complete protection. 

We’ll create a plan with the proposed system for your requirements. 

We can arrange for installation or provide thorough guidance for you own team to do the install and we’ll assist with configuring the system and training your security staff to use it. 

Existing security measures will be used wherever possible though we may recommend upgrades for the future. This might include more robust security cameras or secondary security measures which take action upon intrusion. 

We are used to working on larger projects and understand other wheels may be in motion. If the install requires plans stages, we can arrange for that to happen. 

Our systems will stop threats. We’ll be happy to demonstrate how effective they are. 

Enquire for a free quote:

Please feel free to contact our expert team and learn more about our detection systems.

Complete protection should begin at the perimeter so threats can be stopped in their tracks. 

We’ll work with you to find the most robust and efficient security system you will ever use. We secure where others have failed. 

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