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Discreet security solutions to provide 100% reliable protection for your corporate business and headquarters.
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Protect Your Properties, Depots, Warehouses & Staff

Corporations and large businesses can have multiple properties spread across differing environments; from office buildings (often in a city) to storage warehouses or divisional buildings, all of which require security solutions to keep them safe and tie them all together.

Like many security companies out there, we offer security staff, but where we differ are the automated security solutions we provide: Protecting multiple sites with effective, reliable systems which can be monitored remotely without false alarms.

Your main office may be based anywhere in the world but Safe Security Solutions can provide complete security for your warehouses, building sites, storage locations and installations across the UK. Everything from solar farms or wind turbines which can be remotely monitored, to storage buildings, depots or expansive, open sites which may be especially hard to cover with traditional, basic forms of security.

If you need large areas secured, across multiple sites and the potential to feed all information back to one central monitoring hub then we can help you.

Security Threats To Corporate Businesses

    • Thefts
    • Data Breaches
    • Criminal Damage
    • Equipment Damage
    • Harassment of Staff
    • Building Intrusion
    • Multiple Site Locations
    • Unreliable Existing Security Methods
    • Hazardous Items Storage
    • Espionage
    • Asset Security
    • Trespassing

Whilst many corporations have excellent security in place at their headquarters or main office, it can be especially difficult to monitor isolated sites remotely across multiple locations. 

When your business relies upon various facilities with different purposes, it’s important that false alarms are kept to an absolute minimum and the security measures in place are reliable, sustainable and don’t require extra manpower when better solutions are available. 

We can remove the weakest links and ensure your business is fully covered and secure…

Basic Security For Corporate Buildings & Properties

You will, no doubt, already have security in place. But is it effective?

Traditional forms of security can provide a basic level of protection and deter some criminal behaviour and activities… Though this will likely only prevent some opportunistic crimes.

Basic security can cover:

  • CCTV cameras
  • Security staff
  • PIR sensors hooked up to alarms & sirens
  • Motion-activated lighting
  • Integrated alarm systems.

The chances are, these measures were supplied and installed by a security company who is not used to the threat levels a corporate company can face. Some will be effective but never 100% reliable, others will be nearly pointless at deterring and removing the threat. 

You need to reduce false alarms, ensure that weather conditions and circumstances are not creating holes in your security network and integrate your existing measures in with more reliable solutions that will not let you down. 

Our team can help…

Safe Security Solutions Recommends

Before committing to anything, you need a risk assessment of every site for potential threats and a review of which systems you already have in place to tackle them. 

Safe Security Solutions supplies a range of detection systems from ultra-long-range CCTV cameras, control room software and advanced motion detectors, to underground seismic detectors and fence-mounted perimeter detection systems that provide reliable, complete security.

We stop the threats before they take action, feeding information back to your central control room and removing 95% of the false alarms which can cause a genuine breach of security to be ignored. 

Our systems were developed to military standards where false alarms need to be minimised and action needs to be taken instantly. Our smart fence and perimeter systems will only activate for genuine threats, ignoring weather conditions, wildlife and other false-positives. Unlike laser and PIR sensors, which cannot distinguish the difference. They are innovative, discreet and cover a very wide area, especially if you have existing perimeter fencing in place.

Our buried intrusion detection systems are also developed for military use and can distinguish between footsteps, changeable weather patterns, vehicle access and potential threats to any natural occurrence that can be safely ignored. These use magnetic fields to measure seismic activity in the same way that earthquakes are monitored and measured. Completely hidden and covert, these systems never lose power and they’re always alert. 

Whatever systems you have in place, there will be flaws which can allow breaches to take place.

Safe Security Solutions provide systems that eliminate threats and prevent crimes rather than simply gathering evidence after the event has taken place: Feeding all data back to a centralised security hub as required. 


Real-Life Application

We work with a large corporate firm with a head office based in London and have been providing security staff for their business premises and traffic marshalls for their various building sites across the UK.

This particular firm had basic security in place such as CCTV and laser/PIR sensors with alarm systems (in some cases) which were unconnected and unique to each site. Their sites range from a central London office, 3 storage depots, numerous building sites, a vehicle and equipment compound as well as a central hub for their data and physical servers. 

Each location had unique security threats including thefts, criminal damage, trespassing and intrusion and safety issues caused by sensitive materials and hazardous chemicals storage. 

We’ve been working for over a year with this firm to centralise their security to one control room and limit the number of physical security officers required to patrol each site. In some cases, there were high perimeter fences in place which allowed us to use Elec-Sens (for rigid, palisade fencing) and Viper-Sens (for more general fencing, walls and gates) to ensure complete, automated security that could be linked to their existing systems. 

In their other locations, the local authorities would not allow fencing to be erected due to planning restrictions so we’ve installed buried intrusion detection systems at key locations around the perimeters to provide a reliable, invisible fence that cannot be seen or detected. This eliminates false threats from weather conditions, animals, birds and even trees.

Threats on the sites we’ve already covered are now limited to genuine security issues such as impacts, strikes, attempted tampering and intrusions. 

All data is fed via our integrated security software back to the companies remote security office at a centralised depot, allowing large savings on security staff, 100% reliable security (with no down-time) and a 96% reduction in false alarms.  

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Corporate security can cover a lot of sub-sectors and needs a custom security solution for each problem. 

We’ll work with the existing security measures you have in place already and provide a complete system to tie them all together. 

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