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Security For UK Building Sites

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Protecting Building Materials, Equipment, Tools, Vehicles & Business

The building industry has faced many issues over recent years; primarily with the rising costs for building materials and the inevitable growth in crime and thefts resulting from that. 

Add health and safety breaches, vandalism, trespassing and opportunist crimes to the mix and you can see that threats are varied and broad… But we’re here to remove security issues… Completely. 

We’ll never eliminate every issue a construction site may face but we can do is provide a unique security system that works: Alerting you to crimes as they happen so you can take action. Our systems can be installed for as long as required, in the areas that need to be covered and moved or upgraded as the project expands. 

We look at your existing perimeters, the most accessible points of entry and factor in any existing security you may have and build upon that. Our goal is to reduce and eliminate the threats and ensure that no time is lost whilst missing materials & tools are replaced or lengthy insurance claims and police reports need chasing up.

Security can often be an afterthought and even then, systems put in place are simply not effective at stopping threats. 

Safe Security Solutions is the company you come to when your existing security is not working. We will turn that around and introduce you to security systems that alert you to threats and take action as the threat is happening. 

Security Threats To The Construction Industry

    • Building Materials Thefts
    • Targeted Harassment
    • Organised Crime
    • Fuel Thefts
    • Equipment Damage
    • Vandalism
    • Intrusion
    • Tool Theft/Damage
    • Safety Breaches
    • Worker Disputes
    • Limited Insurance/Repeated Insurance Claims
    • Trespassing

Security threats to the building and construction industry can vary as widely as the projects: ranging from small builds that are in remote, unmonitored locations to vast housing estates or towering multi-storey builds that see a lot of footfall.

Threats may come from opportunistic criminals right up to organised gangs. Your security should not only reflect the threats you face but also allow for taking immediate action to stop crimes as they happen. 

Everyone has heard that brick and wood prices have been increasing and hit record highs in recent years which makes building sites a prime target for criminals. Basic perimeter fencing simple does not detract these people but may provide a very basic foundation for an effective security system.

Basic Security For Construction Sites

Depending on the size of the project, many building sites might have some of the following:

  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Mobile Guard Services
  • Stationed Security Personnel 
  • Motion-Activated Lighting
  • Temporary CCTV
  • Alarms &/or Sirens

Given that some or possibly all of the above systems are in place, we need to look at the threats:

  1. Organised Criminal Gangs
  2. Opportunistic Intrusion/Theft
  3. General Nuisance (Such as intrusion & vandalism)
  4. Targeted Criminal Activity

Opportunist crime may be reduced by basic measures but targeted crime and determined criminals will simply not be put off by fences, CCTV or motion-activated lighting if they judge the reward to outweigh the risk. 

Gathering evidence with CCTV indicates that your existing security system is already failing. Stolen items are rarely recovered and the time lost chasing new materials, tools and insurance companies is time that could have been spent working towards the completion of a project. 

You need security systems that work, regardless of the site size, the threat or the conditions. We provide those systems. 

Safe Security Solutions Recommends

Early detection and immediate action will eliminate threats…

Safe Security Solutions provide systems that are completely unique to every business, site, home and individual. We carry out a thorough assessment of existing security measures, entry points, threat levels and the full perimeter.

Unlike conventional security systems, we start by removing false triggers like weather conditions, wildlife activity and background vibrations by using technologies that were originally developed for military use. 

False alarms are a big reason why many security systems are ineffective and often end up being more or a nuisance than an asset. Once that is out of the way, we ensure that the entire perimeter and any notable entry points have been covered with appropriate security measures. 

Depending on the system(s) you currently have in place, we will find a way to integrate those with enhanced security that triggers and takes action when a genuine threat occurs. The actions will come in the form of live notifications and feeds to mobile or desktop devices. You may wish to have enhanced lighting target the area, which will enhance any footage picked up by our industryleading cameras. Sirens may sound or even recorded messages with a stark warning that perpetrators are being observed and action is being taken. 

For these security actions to take place, you will need reliable systems to detect them in the first place…

This is where we differ from almost all security suppliers in the UK. We can provide and arrange installation of technologies you may not be aware existed for civilian use:

  • Fence-mounted detection systems which can pin-point an intrusion or attack.
  • Buried seismic detectors which are completely invisible to intruders and impervious to weather conditions.
  • Smart camera systems with extended focal ranges, digital tripwire technologies and ultra-HD resolution.
  • Radar systems which can detect intrusions for extended ranges.
  • Integrated Security System Software (ISS) which monitors and links all security systems in the area and manages notifications without reliance on human intevention.

By removing the elements that cause false alarms and errors, we ensure that threats are detected early and action is taken to stop them: Protecting your construction site and allowing you toconcentrate on building rather then solving the problems that crime can bring. 

Real-Life Application

After enquiring with us, we’ll look to carry out a full site assessment before recommending any particular system. It’s vital that we understand everything from entry points and existing security measure to site growth and time frames for the project. 

We understand that seasonal effects such as weather may play an issue and your location may be remote or in a busy pedestrian area or see heavy traffic… All these factors will dictate the type of systems which will be most effective and most suitable for you. 

We’ll work with you to find the most effective system possible and always try to work within budget constraints. Systems can be upgraded or in some cases moved as a site grows and we offer flexible payment systems that allow for leasing: Ideal for the construction industry. 

It’s vital that building materials, assets, tools and workers are safe and secure… We’re here to see to that. 

If your existing security measures are not working then we are the team you need to contact. 

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