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2 CCTV cameras mounted to a wall looking in different directions.

Business Security Improvements to Consider

Do you have real Security?

When it comes to running a business, it’s worth considering what professional security services you currently have in place and whether or not they need to be updated. Regardless of whether you’re a multi-national company or an independent business you’re going to ask yourself: “Do I have the most cost-effective security for my business?” If the answer is no, then you may wish to reassess your options.

Security Patrol, Essex

At Safe Security Solutions, we have a variety of fully marked cars with a swift response unit which is one of the ideal solutions to meet your standards when it comes to commercial security in Essex. Patrols are a part of the essential procedures when it comes to our security guards’ daily routine. Our team are fully trained to meet the rigorous SIA standards, so you can rest assured that your business security in Essex is never compromised.

CCTV remote monitoring

For the majority of businesses, they probably have a standard CCTV system. However, when these cameras are not combined with CCTV remote monitoring, it will simply just view and record and potential crime.

Fortunately, our commercial CCTV cameras monitor your premises by using an automated motion detection system which can also offer itself to be linked to a perimeter intrusion detection system for a fully secured, monitored perimeter. Through using high speed broadband and wireless connections, our CCTV remote monitoring is able to detect any movement at your perimeter before someone reaches your property.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems

As briefly aforementioned, our perimeter intrusion detection systems are guaranteed to work every time without fail. The attached cable is a full sensor which is connected to the fence, ensuring no gaps within your perimeter. Through using 32 levels of sensitivity, the sensor is capable of detecting anyone who is attempting to; lift, climb or cut any part of your fence. One line of cable is able to monitor a fence which is up to 10 feet high. However, if your fence exceeds the stated height, you simply just add another cable.

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