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Budgeting For On-Site Security. Are You Doing It?

Is security taken as seriously as it should be on construction sites?

There is a feeling within the industry that security on construction sites is sometimes an afterthought? Rightly or wrongly there is the belief that it is reactive rather than proactive. The cost of security is not always taken into account when planning a site. Machinery, staff, deadlines etc.

But how about if things go missing, doesn’t the chain breakdown?

In our experience some project mangers know the dangers and are adamant that security should be in the financials when preparing to go on a site, we imagine that foresight and experience probably go hand in hand in the decision-making process here. They’ve been there and done that, have been told of the possible dangers and realize that a deadline cannot be messed around with.

If you know the area is problematic you are prepared simple as that. But happens typically on a site in an area, which is unknown?

There are project managers that will at first try putting up a fence, and hope nothing goes wrong. Yes it’s cheaper and it may well work out, luck of the draw as they say.

But what if something happens, the reverse lottery i.e. your numbers come in but the news isn’t good? Then its fire fighting, a rush to appoint a security company, but the budgets spent and losses have to be covered, with little money your decision on who to appoint is price driven, you go for the cheapest.

And so it begins again.

So lets look at this properly.

The fence didn’t work; your security has been breached. An expensive piece of machinery has been stolen. At best it’s a minor thing whose cost can be covered and we you all get on with the job, but as we all know it usually doesn’t work out that way.

The knock on effects of this is where the problems come in. Who is going to pay for that piece of machinery? Will it be the insurance company? Did you take all the necessary precautions need? Will they payout?

Then you need a replacement, how much does that cost? When will you get it?

You have a team that needs to work. Has the theft stopped them doing their jobs? If so how long are they going to be waiting? Who is paying for all of this? The insurance company? Will they payout? When will they payout?

The project has deadlines. Are you going to rush to reach it? Might be a bit dangerous? or is it going to be put back? How much will that cost? Are you servicing a loan for this?

Luckily you get some more budget but you can only hire the cheapest firm. You could be lucky and have the cheapest also be the best but 9 times out of ten that’s not going to happen. So now your security firm is a liability and so it all begins again. The madness of not planning.

On site security – It’s definitely worth thinking about.

Budget for security, get the best firm you can for your security and give yourself a little peace of mind

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