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Border Security & 
Perimeter Surveillance

Safe Security Solutions’ systems are used around the globe to secure borders and alert to intrusions in real-time.
Safe Security Solutions

Border Security Systems

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Protect Borders With Reliable Systems

Our systems are currently in use, protecting borders around the globe. 

Our fence-mounted intrusion detectors can pinpoint a break in the fence or pick up someone attempting to scale the perimeter and alert cameras, trigger lights, turrets, siren, speaker or lights, providing reliable around-the-clock security across thousands of kilometres, in some of the worlds harshest terrains. 

We also have buried intrusion detection in the shape of SensoGuard’s Invisifense & SG range. Developed using seismic detection to measure earthquakes and adapted for military use, these systems cut out false alarms and are completely undetectable. 

Our systems work with you existing measures and can be powered by multiple means so they never fail.

Security Threats To Borders

    • Smuggling
    • Unauthorised Access
    • Illegal Contraband
    • Criminal Network Access
    • Potential Terrorist Threats
    • National Security Threats
    • Property Damage
    • Illegal Immigration
    • Organised Criminal Activity
    • Non-Indigenous Plants & Animals
    • Dangerous Chemicals & Drug Importation
    • Property Damage
    • Trespassing

Border threats are rich and varied and despite featuring heavily in the press over recent years, illegal immigration counts as a small percentage of the risks faced. It’s not a case of simply keeping people out; animals can carry diseases, organised criminals look for vulnerabilities, constant threats to national security take place many thousands of times each day. 

Borders cover many tens of thousands of kilometres across the globe and that requires special, reliable measures to ensure a secure perimeter allowing everyday life to continue, without threats on both side of the line.

Basic Security For Borders

‘Basic’ may be the wrong term to describe border security; with many millions of currency spent on traditional means of security such as:

  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Barbed Wire
  • Long Range CCTV
  • Alarms & Sirens
  • Spotlights and Floodlights
  • Flashing Beacons
  • Guard Towers
  • Checkpoints
  • Patrol Guards and Dogs
  • Various Vehicular Deterrents
  • Drones
  • Satellite Surveillance

Every nation puts a lot of time and capital into ensuring borders are kept secure and safe but the task of monitoring many thousands of kilometres is nearly impossible, regardless of how determined a nation is to keep border entry strict.

Our systems are 100% reliable, do not fail and reduce false alarms to nearly zero. Traditional methods of security simply cannot compete…

Safe Security Solutions Recommends

Border security is only as effective as its active perimeter. 

Regardless of the systems in place, if a fence can be cut, a wall can be scaled or a tunnel can be dug undetected then the threat level to national security remains high. 

Safe Security Solutions supplies technologies originally developed for military applications which do not fail, cannot be powered down, worked around or avoided. These systems are completely waterproof, weatherproof and designed to work in some of the world harshest environments. They seamlessly integrate with your existing security measures and provide a humanitarian means to monitor borders, regardless of their length. 

Typically, borders will be spanned by lengths of fencing, often palisade, wire or barbed wire. These can be retained and monitored using our El-Far perimeter intrusion detection systems. With solutions for every fence type, it is easy to monitor many kilometres of borer and pinpoint attempts made to damage the fence, scale it or break through. This can be connected to all existing security measures along the perimeter and enable a rapid response to any alert created. 

For open ground or challenging areas without a physical perimeter, we can provide SensoGuard buried intrusion detection systems. These systems are completely invisible and undetectable due to the underground seismic sensors (originally developed for monitoring earthquakes) which can be adjusted to allow for differing types of ground. They can differentiate between vehicles, humans, animals or weather conditions so false alarms will be reduced to nearly zero. 

It takes a lot of expense and manpower to keep borders secure. Safe Security Solutions has the technology to automate that process, reduce false alerts and ensure that genuine threats are dealt with quickly. 

Real-Life Application

Our security perimeter technologies are currently in place on the borders of countries around the globe but due to the sensitive nature of border security, we cannot divulge specifics, however, we can provide some details in the form of a real-life scenario.

All borders will have key checkpoints placed on arterial routes and will usually have lengths or fencing, walls or impassable terrain along the perimeter. Checkpoints are usually heavily-manned with barriers and/or gates, 24/7 CCTV, various number plate and facial recognition software, border control, alarms and a host of measures in place to keep the main route into and out of a country secure. 

These measures work well and require little to no input from us. The real threats come from vast expanses between checkpoints…

Most borders (as mentioned above) will be spanned by a combination of metal fencing, large walls or difficult terrain. All pose a slightly difficult but not impossible object to work around for anyone wishing to cross the border illegally. Due to the sheer distance these measures span, it’s always possible to find vulnerabilities that can be cut-through, scaled or tunnelled underneath. 

Our solutions are relatively simple to install and impossible to get around without triggering an alarm or notifying relevant authorities. 

In simplistic terms, where fences are already in place, be they large palisade, mesh, barbed wire or any other metal-fence, we can supply and install (Or provide specific installation instructions) fence-mounted perimeter intrusion detection systems from El-Far along the entire border. One sensor can monitor up to 1500 metres and provide pinpoint accuracy on any intrusion attempt or attack. This will notify your central control hub (thanks to our integrated security software to alert long-range cameras or appropriate action to take place, such as guards, patrols or drones. 

For more open areas or locations where it may not be practical or possible to install fencing, we have installed our underground seismic detectors by SensoGuard. These buried systems cannot be detected or bypassed and will monitor vibrations above ground to differentiate between vehicles, human footfall or false alarms like animals and wildlife which typical cause flaws in any system. It is impossible to burrow under this system and digging vibrations would be instantly detected and again, alerts would be raised. 

Both systems are fully weatherproof, waterproof, can be integrated with existing security measures and are safe to use alongside high-value assets such as water/gas/fuel pipelines, power stations, solar farms and military compounds. 

True security should eliminate false alarms, be 100% reliant regardless of the elements (cameras are almost useless in fog, snow or heavy rain) and ensure that security measures are only escalated for genuine threats. Our systems will make that happen… Wherever you are in the world and however long your border is. 


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We provide one of the few fully-effective security solutions available on the market today and can assist with every step, from initial surveys and recommendations, assessing security loopholes and installation to full integration with you existing security measures.

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