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Benefits of Using Remote Monitoring CCTV

At Safe Security – Specialist Security Solutions London, we provide a range of industries including, but not exclusive to: retail, residential properties, construction and commercial, with highly sophisticated and bespoke security solutions. One of our most popular security solutions is our highly developed and comprehensive CCTV remote monitoring service.

In 2018, you are unlikely to find a business that doesn’t have CCTV on their premises. However, in most cases, these CCTV systems are unmonitored, rendering them virtually useless. Here at Safe Security Solutions, our experts can monitor the camera feed on a 24/7 basis and react to any movement or sounds that are detected. If this threat is identified as being genuine, then the pre-agreed response will be initiated.

But what exactly are the benefits of using remote monitoring services?

Reduce a large and unnecessary spend on manpower – For many businesses, there is the constant need to reduce your spend on all aspects of facilities management, particularly in the security division. Our specialist remote monitoring solutions can provide this reduction in expenses without compromising the protection of your premises.

Increase the speed of detecting threats – Other security systems are slow to react to an intrusion or break-in but a remote monitoring system in a quick and effective solution. Alerting emergency services within minutes, these systems are effective at detecting suspicious movements or activities – giving remote monitoring services an edge over other solutions.

Gives business owners reassurance – For site owners, remote monitoring will give you the peace of mind you deserve – knowing the security of your home or premises is in the hands of professionals 24/7. The staff here at Safe Security’s head office are well-trained in reading, responding and controlling the CCTV equipment so you can rest-assured we will keep your sit safe.

To find out more information about our business security Essex or any of our other remote monitoring services, get in touch with our team on 0208 555 6800 or email [email protected].

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