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chainlink fences surrounding solar panels in a field

Background to RBtec Perimeter Fences

At Safe Security Solutions London, we have developed a number of security services – specialising in manned guarding and CCTV remote monitoring for retail, warehouses,
construction, industrial sites, clubs and hospitals.

One of our exciting new services that Safe Security provides is our perimeter fence security. We
can now provide businesses with secure and industrial fences to protect their premises or site.
Following the belief that there is no greater way to keep an intruder away from your site or
premises than with a secure fence designed to keep trespassers away.
The technology we use for our perimeter fence security service is from RBtec Perimeter
Security Systems, a leading provider of perimeter security and the development of electronic
perimeter intrusion detection systems.
Designed for pretty much every industry; from construction site security to high-risk industrial
and homeland security market, it’s easy to see why these security systems are world famous.
Established in 1986, RBtec has been designing and manufacturing a variety of simply operated,
custom-made and minimal maintenance fences to provide maximum protection and low false
alarm rates. Their fences have been used for over 2000 security projects in over 30 countries
around the world. Some of their most popular products include:
● Electronic Fencing Solutions
● Underground buried security solutions
● Perimeter protection
● Perimeter security
● Perimeter intrusion detection
● Outdoor security systems
● Fence Security
● Fence Detection
● Fence Protection
● Wall Perimeter Security Systems
● Underwater Security Systems
● Marine Maritime Intrusion Detection Systems – Driver Detection
● Solar Panels Security Systems
● Command and Control Centres – Security Subsystems Intergration
Incorporating RBtec innovative Intrudalert and Vidalert products, these systems are able to
utilise a computer to integrate signals from various sources and provide intrusion detection and
pinpointing capabilities.
If you’re interested in our perimeter fence security service with RBtec high quality fencing, why
not get in touch with the team at Safe Security on 0208 555 6800

Alongside all of our other services, we’re also giving customers FREE security warning boards
to deter intruders even further.

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