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Security Systems

Safe Security Solutions has the most reliable automated security systems in the United Kingdom.
Safesitecam Smart AI Security Camera mounted on a wall in front of a landscape and clouds

What Are Automated Security Systems?

An automated security system describes any security measures that work autonomously to detect threats and take immediate action.

These systems are beneficial because they eliminate the risk of human error, however, they can be limited by factors such as weather conditions, power cuts or human intervention.

Safe Security Solutions specialise in automated security systems that not only monitor and take action but also eliminate false alarms and only raise alerts when a genuine threat is detected.

This is achieved by using a combination of cutting-edge security technology and leading security control software that allows everyday life to continue as normal whilst key access points and perimeters are secured… With immediate action being taken the moment a threat is detected.

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Continuous protection that is impervious to weather and tampering.

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Immediate threat detection without false alarms.

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Live CCTV feeds, alarms, sirens & lighting can be linked to provide immediate action against threats.

Automated Security Systems from Safe Security Solutions

We specialise in providing systems to the UK security market that most people do not know existed. We eliminate false alarms, work alongside existing security measures you may have in place and provide around the clock security that simply does not and cannot fail. 

If you have security measures in place but are still the victim of crimes and ongoing threats then you need to get in touch with our team and take a look at some of the alternative security systems we can provide. 

CCTV Camera showing human image capture

SafeSite Cam

The SafeSite camera systems represent one of the most affordable, reliable AI-controlled CCTV systems on the UK market.

This system does not simply record; it detects and takes action the moment a digital tripwire is crossed and alerts you to threats as they happen. 

A close up shot of a motion sensor attached to a large metal fence.


These fence vibration and alerts systems are ideal for large lengths of fencing around large perimeters. 

A single controller is able to monitor up to 1500 metres of sensor lines and able to pinpoint a break or attempted scaling to within a 10-metre effective range.

A rendered image of how spider sens can protect a commercial building.


The Spider-Sens system is ideal for large buildings and containers and structures.

With vibration sensors that can be mounted to walls, ceilings and doors, it detects breach attempts and can identify everything from climbing and cutting to drilling. The ideal solution for building protection.

A perimeter fence with a Tera Sens motion sensor detector kit mounted to it.


Any effective fence protection system should allow for the possibility that intrusion attempts may not always involve cutting or scaling the fence. 

The terra-sens system uses buried seismic detectors to provide an invisible barrier underneath the perimeter of the fence. This system detects vibrations associated with digging or tunnelling and sends creates an alert for your security measures to take action.

POWER-SENS security system mounted on a metal security fence in a vertical style. Protecting a BMW dealership.


The Power-Sens system not only provides perimeter monitoring and a visual deterrent but also administers a non-lethal electrical shock when triggered. 

This system uses high voltage, low-amperage power and can be controlled by the El-Far InSite Security System Software.

A laser detection system from the side mounted to a metal fence.


This short-mid range laser scanner can be mounted to fences or walls to provide detailed mapping and monitoring of a given area.

Existing obstacles such as trees, buildings or rocks can be registered and ignored allowing reals targets to be identified and instant alarms or alerts to take place.

It is quite visually intimidating and provides a natural deterrent to threats before a crime has even been committed.

A close up shot of an Elec Sens motion sensor mounted to a fence.


The Elec-Sens is a fence-mounted sensor system, ideal for rigid, fixed fences such as ornamental fencing, palisade fencing or metal bars.

With a discreet and attractive design, the system is best suited to home or estate environments which require a high level of security protection without ruining the visual aesthetic.

A perimeter fence in woodland with a CU-07 detection system attatched

CU-07 Fence Protection

This standalone sensor is able to provide perimeter detection along the fencing of small sites, with a single controller monitoring up to 800 metres. 

The ultra-low false-alarm rate combined with accuracy to within 10 metres of the attempted intrusion means that this patented system provides a very thorough level of protection for most small to medium dwellings, sites or businesses.

SG Patrol App View screenshots on 4 mobile phones
SensoGuard Security Software

SensoGuard specialises in buried intrusion systems but has also developed some of the most robust and inclusive security software. 

Unify all existing security measures into one easy-to-monitor software solution with real-time alerts, virtual exclusions zones and instantaneous action and live feeds.

… For PC & Android operating systems.

a man at a keyboard views CCTV live feeds on 3 computer monitors
Integrated Security System Software

Security never sleeps and the integrated security system software you use should provide a complete solution for every piece of security hardware you have monitoring your property or site.

Using advanced AI systems and alerts have never been easier, with an intuitive user interface allowing for seamless integration with every security system you have.

Your security measures are only as effective as the software your using to monitor them.

Contact us to find out how we can help you!