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Auto Response Security Systems

Auto-response alarm systems create an immediate reaction to a potential threat such as a break-in or vandalism with the aim of scaring away the threat before damage or theft occurs. 

Protect. Warn. Record.

Automated response systems provide a basic, cost-effective deterrent to many threats which often prevent intrusions, deter thieves and help record footage that will lead to prosecution.

More than ever before, having fast-acting, automated security systems is becoming the new norm in the 21st century.

People want automated systems which will detect, warn and record any such events in immediate real-time.  Our perimeter detection systems are able to set off any number of warning systems to a would-be intruder. If, for example, your perimeter line is 1.2km in length and is split into multiple zones, then we can trigger either CCTV cameras, sirens, flashing beacons or even security floodlamps within the activated area. 

This warning will tell the potential intruder that they have been detected, making them turn away immediately. All this could be monitored remotely by on-site security or even a remote monitored receiving centre from 100’s of miles away. 

If your perimeter has either fences or walls, then consider our fence mounted systems. If you do not have any form of perimeter apart from open lands and woodlands, then consider our unique buried security systems which are able to detect either footsteps or vehicles.

Our systems are completely custom to your requirements and budget.

A orange flashing light mounted on a perimeter fence

A simple flashing light mounted on a perimeter fence

A large siren speaker attached to a pole.

Sirens provide noise deterrent & attract security staff.

A cctv camera on a pole above a chain link fence

CCTV provides a deterrent as well as gathering footage.

Two large floodlights on top of a T shaped pole.

Floodlights scare away trespassers & alert others

Security Measures That Take Action

The aim of any auto-response security is to immediately make an intruder or would-be thief aware that their activities are being monitored or recorded and scare them away BEFORE a crime takes place. 

We can install auto-response security measures tailored for every client or integrate existing auto-response security with our high-level systems to suit your needs and budget. 

If you require auto-response security or wish to add to your existing security setup, please enquire using the form below.

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