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‘Armed Guards and Concrete Barriers’ Christmas Markets Toughen Security to Avoid Potential Terror Attacks

Christmas is a joyous time for families across the world; with loved ones coming together to share thoughtful gifts and celebrate the end of a brilliant year. For most families, the Christmas celebrations would be incomplete without attending one of the many Christmas markets in our major cities.

However, after the Berlin Christmas Market terror attack in 2016, there are fears of a ‘copycat’ attack, leaving organisers with no choice but to tighten their security procedures.

On 19th December, a truck deliberately drove through a Christmas market in Breitscheidplatz, Berlin and killed several people in the area. Just days later, the perpetrator was shot and the incident was labelled a ‘terror attack’. This attack, which left 12 people dead and a further 56 injured, sent countries around the world into shock as they started reviewing their security plans.

With the current UK terror level threat at “severe” – meaning a terror attack is “highly likely!” The Local Government Association are warning councils to be vigilant, and event organisers to take more precautions.

Along with ‘stop and check’ searches, outdoor Christmas events like Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park have been encased in concrete barriers and flooded with armed police who will mingle with visitors in the event of any suspicious activity.

At Safe Security – Specialist security solutions London, we understand the importance of security over the Christmas period. We have seen a huge uptake in the number of manned guards and mobile patrol units over the last few months, so we are able to tailor our services to the needs and requirements of retailers and organisers during this time.

We can also provide:

CCTV System Essex

Particularly for retailers, Christmas will be a busy period with constant crowds of people in your store. Our CCTV systems are guaranteed to be an effective and easy method of remotely monitoring your site without having physical security like manned guarding onsite.

Mobile Patrolling

Designed for big events like Christmas markets, we have a mobile patrol team who are a highly effective visual and physical deterrent used to move any intruders off the site and deter any attacks from happening. As security patrol essex experts, we will devise and randomise our internal and external patrol routes to act as an effective deterrent so that pattern

of patrols remain unknown to unwanted visitors.

Store Detectives

With the Christmas rush expected to hit the millions, you must be prepared for the amount of people entering and exiting your store. Unfortunately, some of these people may chance stealing from your store, but our store detectives will prevent and detect any theft from occuring. Often they do this as plain clothes security guards, acting as a member of the public to try and identify people stealing from the stores.

Are you hosting a Christmas market, or an outdoor event this New Year? It’s important your guest’s safety is a priority, and it always be when you use Safe Security bespoke security system Essex. To find out more information, get in touch with us on 01708 854 831.

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