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Partnering With Alarm Receiving Centres

We work with ARCs across the UK to reduce false alarms, identify ineffective systems and improve overall service quality for their clients. 

Our systems will save you time and money.

We understand that monitoring potentially hundreds or thousands of alerts and live feeds can be extremely difficult. Safe Security Solutions works with Alarm Receiving Centres and their clients, providing security systems that do not fail; working in conditions that would normally trigger false alarms.

Eliminate False Alarms

Removing false positives means that ARCs can provide a better service, require less security staff and give the end-users (home and business owners) peace of mind that their security is 100% effective.

Security Systems You Can Rely Upon

Advanced Security Systems That Improves ARCs.

Safe Security Solutions offers security technologies that you did not know existed. These systems offer an extra, undetectable layer of detection, filtering out many of the triggers that would normally cause a false alarm.

This means your ARC will reduce the time spent dealing with bogus alerts and more time focusing on genuine threats and action when it is required.

We Identify Problems

Our expertise allows us to recognise the issues that may cause false alarms.

Exclusive Security Technologies

We have exclusive UK rights to the most advanced security systems available.

Safe Security Solutions Logo with a White outline
Sensoguard Sensors Buried image with triggered waves being emitted
A yellow Sensoguard SG-1 Buried Detectors unit laid down

Reliable Security Software

We provide powerful integration software that will tie existing & new security systems together.

The Perfect Partner

We design, quote, integrate and offer incentives for your business to refer clients to us.

Assess. Design. Quote. Install. Support.

We can work directly with your clients or as an extension of your business.

As an experienced security consultant and installer, we are used to working with big companies and individuals whose existing security systems fall short of the mark. 

We look at the security measures already in place, with a view to improving and upgrading in the most cost-effective way to enhance protection.

Our systems add the extra layer of pre-detection which will greatly reduce false alarms, allowing ARCs to differentiate between genuine threats and false positives. 

We provide more protection to your clients whilst making your Alarm Receiving Centre more efficient.

CCTV Operative sat in a chair looking at multiple cctv monitors

Reasons To Work With Us

  • We can fully manage projects from the initial assessment stage to completed integration, fine-tuning and ongoing support.
  • We’ll act as a reliable third-party provider or operate as a partnered trader under your company banner.
  • Reducing false alarms makes ARCs more efficient and reliable.
  • Safe Security Solutions holds exclusive UK rights to SensoGuard buried intrusion systems and El-Far fence-mounted vibration sensor systems.
  • Our systems are fully UK-approved but offer a more covert approach to enhancing security
  • We are able to integrate with existing security measures already in place and improve or upgrade to truly reliable security.
  • Weather conditions, lighting, season, wildlife or any other cause of false alarms can be identified and eliminated from future activations.
  • We can cover open areas and large perimeters fully and effectively, unlike many other security providers.

Providing Incentives

  • We offer incentives for our partners to promote our products with their existing clients.
  • Benefit from our generous referral scheme on project approval. 
  • We welcome you to work as a trader who stocks our exclusive UK products as part of your security system inventory, in which case a competitive trade list price will be made available to you.
  • Should you wish us to fully manage the project from beginning to end then we can provide that service. Allowing your company to take a step back but reap the rewards once the integration is completed. 
  • Our team is experienced and discreet, having worked with a broad range of sectors around the world and here in the UK. From corporate headquarters to powerplants, ultra-high net worth homeowners to well-known estates, we are able to provide security that works on whatever scale is required.
  • Safe Security Solutions will provide a reliable and loyal extension to your business; improving your service and enhancing clients security.

What To Expect When From Working With Our Team


Trust goes two ways and we are happy to recommend partnered Alarms Receiving Centres that work with us to our own security clients.


We can project manage directly with your clients or via your business. You control the level of involvement from start to finish. 

Reduction In False Alarms

By creating reliable, weatherproof, tamperproof, custom security systems for each client, we eliminate the causes of false alarms.

Ongoing Support

When an installation is complete, we understand that support will be needed. Our team will be on hand to assess, diagnose or upgrade as required. 

Realistic Timeframes

We will work with you to ensure that deadlines are met and projects are brought in on time. Our experienced team understand the importance of punctuality.

Referral Schemes

We can work with you in a number of ways to ensure you are well rewarded for referrals and collaborations. We’re open to discussing terms that work well for you.

Are You a UK-based ARC?

We’re here to help your business.

Please feel free to contact our helpful team and discuss ways of improving the efficiency of your Alarm Receiving Centre and provide complete protection for your clients. 

Safe Security Solutions

UK Provider of Sensoguard & El-Far Security Technologies

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01754 879655