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Reliable, secure perimeters around aviation centres and airfields are often overlooked. It’s fairly common news to hear about airport perimeter security being breached, whether it be small, privately-owned airfields or large, expansive airports. 

With large areas of ground to cover, it can often come down to chain link fences without proper monitoring (aside from CCTV) to provide a deterrent for intrusions and threats. Given the sensitive nature of the checkpoints, internal security and safety issues involved, effective perimeter security should not be a compromise.

Aside from protecting the members of the public within the AOA (air operations area), who may wander into restricted and dangerous areas, it’s vital that external threats to their safety are kept out. 

Safe Security Solutions provide reliable, weatherproof and easy to integrate solutions that will work with your existing protection package. This allows for complete security around the clock, with fence-mounted sensors and underground seismic detection, which can be adjusted to differentiate between vehicles and humans, even able to assess the huge vibrations caused by aircraft. 

Eliminate false alarms and assess security threats as they happen… Do not simply gather evidence after an event has occurred. We can make that happen in the UK,  Ireland and further afield.

Security Threats To Airports & Airfields

    • The intrusion of Restricted Areas
    • Trespassing
    • Public Safety
    • Machine Tampering
    • Acts of Terrorism
    • Flytipping
    • Theft
    • Equipment Damage
    • Industrial Espionage
    • Unwanted Access to Runways
    • Access to Hazardous Materials
    • Secure Asset Storage
    • General Nuisance

The public tends to think of airports as being secure. That may certainly be the case for large, international airports in terms of checking in to getting on the plane. 

Airports are expansive and cover very large areas which will always lead to lapses in security and the potential for threats to manifest. 

Protecting not only the perimeter but keeping the safety of pilots, crew, workers and members of the public is our priority. Our solutions can provide the protection required, eliminate false alarms and ensure that people at all security access levels are able to go about their business.

Basic Security For Aviation Centres & Airports

Any airfield or AOA will have security in place. We can seamlessly integrate with the following systems and provide complete protection:

  • Perimeter fencing (chain link, palisade etc)
  • CCTV systems
  • Alarms & sirens
  • Lighting (PIR, floodlights, beacons)

In all cases, breaches can and do take place. Adverse weather conditions such as fog can render CCTV ineffective and though it may be near impossible to get a bottle of water through check-in, it can be relatively easy to scale a fence and gain access to restricted areas from the outside. 

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Before anything is installed, it is essential to carry out a full threat and risk analysis to the site, perimeter and any areas of restricted access. Then look at installing systems at the riskiest locations first.

Once assessed and terms are agreed, a full detection system would be incorporated into your existing security infrastructure.

Safe Security Solutions will utilise what you already have in place and enhance the existing security by using 100%  reliable detection and pre-detection systems, namely our El-Far fence mounted detection systems and SensoGuard buried intrusion detection systems where open ground needs to be monitored. 

Using CCTV correctly can reduce the need for expensive manpower. But this is dependant on live video feeds having the ability to differentiate between genuine threats or intrusions and false positives like weather conditions, wildlife or rubbish blowing in the wind.

Many airports will find CCTV cameras are next to useless for detection, they only record and give evidence. Laser and PIR sensors are easily triggered by false activations (especially in the UK by our ever-changing weather conditions) but our exclusive Smart fence and perimeter systems have a far better response rate, which will only activate under certain, pre-determined circumstances.

All of our systems can be expanded if necessary over time. This allows our clients to spread their budgets over the years rather than worry about a single one-off payment.

Our Systems Make Your Security Staff More Effective.

Many airports rely on their security measures to alert security guards who, in turn, react to information and take action.  The problem is, Security staff can become complacent if set procedures are not in place for them.

It’s essential to eliminate false threat triggers which alert guard staff to ‘just another’ activation of an ‘unknown’. This is achieved by using a smart system which only alerts to something that has been ‘Verified as a Risk/Threat’.

If a site can react to an actual triggered event and the event is verified by using localised CCTV or long-range CCTV cameras before a security vehicle or officer is dispatched, this will also reduce complacencies and in turn, threats. False alarms are reduced to almost zero, as having localised CCTV is a major advantage in speed, accuracy, etc. Staff are more productive and more likely to react correctly and quickly at the time of a true real event, rather than multiple false events.


Having an effective perimeter detection system on-site allows a company to have an instant warning system for faster responses. Likewise, less staff and vehicles are required to monitor an area if the company has extensive grounds.

Constant patrols from either foot or vehicles can be reduced to zero as they would have been constantly patrolling in the event that they ‘may’ catch someone at the actual time of the event. It is extremely rare that this would ever happen the case as the intruders would normally spot them before they are spotted themselves.

Overall costs are drastically reduced and the security of the site is dramatically enhanced.

Identify Real Threats. Eliminate False Alarms.

Having a full perimeter detection system incorporated into your existing security infrastructure is the most cost-effective and complete security answer for any airport or airfield.

Safe Security Solutions is a UK-based security company with years of experience and exclusive UK rights to perimeter detection technology originally developed for military use.

We eliminate the false alarms which mean security staff can concentrate on genuine threats. Keeping airports and airfields safe, secure and functioning smoothly. 



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Safe Security Solutions can dispatch our expert assessors and identify the problem areas, ensuring your assets, staff and members of the public are safe.

We will work with you and your budget to ensure that your perimeter security can expand in the future as required as well as eliminating false threats.

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