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CCTV Systems With Advanced Detection


What Is An Advanced Artificial Intelligence CCTV System?

Advanced AI CCTV systems are designed to alert a site owner and potential intruder that an area is being monitored… The moment an intrusion takes place.

Using advanced software connected to the camera system, a specific area can be set as a target using a ‘digital tripwire’.

This basically means that only a specified target area is under observation, allowing false alarms to be reduced. When triggered, the AI software will alert the site owner via mobile app or computer software with an image, with a link to the live feed. On the site upon which the camera is stationed, the intruder will be greeted with a recorded message and lighting, built directly into the camera to scare the threat away before a crime occurs. 

This provides far more effective protection than simple camera systems as it reduces false alarms and creates alerts the moment that an intrusion is detected.


Key Points For CCTV Systems:

    • Standard CCTV systems do not stop crime.
    • Safe Security Solutions does not provide standard CCTV.
    • Many properties have the wrong cameras for the environment and continue to be a target for criminals.
    • ‘Off the shelf’ and ‘out of the box’ systems simply observe and collect data while allowing crime to happen.
    • Big homes and properties have more open areas and become repeated targets as CCTV systems are ignored.
    • Safe Security Solutions advanced AI CCTV systems detect threats and take action, immediately.
    • We eliminate false alarms and alert threats that they are being watched, recorded and we are aware of them. 
    • Our systems are more cost-effective for prevention and less visually obtrusive, as one camera can do the job of multiple cameras from other systems. 
    • We build upon and improve your existing CCTV system and security wherever possible to save you money.
    • Our systems are capable of monitoring large, open areas with AI to contain the area of alert to key points where threats can enter, allowing you to go about your business.
    • Our systems can be set to work at the hours you specify, only capturing footage of genuine threats for example, in the night time, instead of hours of irrelevant footage. 

Why Most CCTV Systems fail…

Many homes, businesses and properties will have a standard CCTV system in place which may provide a visual deterrent to some criminals but it basically acts solely as a way of gathering evidence, which is generally unusable and of poor quality: The camera position and height is often wrong; only seeing the covered heads of the intruders, or the footage is too small and focused on too wide an area to provide effective images and footage.

These systems will not deter targeted crime by organised criminals and simply allow threats to take place and crimes to happen. The footage captured is very limited in terms of identification and by that point, the criminal activity and the long-term repercussions have already taken place.

In our experience, at least 50% of all properties and businesses we visit have an entirely wrong CCTV setup in place, which allows crimes to continue whilst the residents or owners do not feel safe or secure in their own environment. This is especially worrying if the owner has spent money on a system that proves to be completely ineffective due to incorrect information, usually due to a lack of security design experience or knowledge on the part of the installation company.

We have even seen CCTV systems being disabled by the property owner because of numerous false triggers, meaning that when a genuine threat does occur, there is no evidence that it took place at all. This really is down reliance on the camera and a lack of focus in terms of detection.

A targeted house is not a home, you have to feel safe. A business cannot function if there are numerous threats to safety or thefts of its assets. We are here to stop that. 

Why Our Advanced AI CCTV Systems Are Different:

Detection is the key to prevention.

We provide CCTV systems which detect a genuine threat and immediately take action. 

Having a high-quality detection system is, in fact, more important than the camera: All camera systems can record but poor quality detection systems will only give you false activations and no real evidence to watch.

Safe Security Solutions provide Advance Artificial Intelligence CCTV systems which not only provide longer range detection (starting at up to 100 metres vs 30 metres maximum on standard cameras) but can be set up to target specific areas of intrusions, set times to be active,  learn your routine, as well as monitoring the large, open areas that provide easy access for threats.

By eliminating false threats, we provide an early warning system to alert the property owner and take action to scare away the intruders and stop criminal activity before it takes place. Even our most basic camera systems have lighting and recorded messages built-in as standard. 

Our ability to define the inclusion and exclusion zones for monitoring means you could live your life without triggering a false alarm but canbe alerted the second a real threat takes place. It can be the difference between a break-in, thefts of valuables, damage to property of endangerment to your life.

Security Solutions provides cost-effective security to businesses, estates, farms and large homes across the UK that allows them to feel safe.

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